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Digital welcome booklet

The notre.guide digital welcome booklet is unique on the market. Here is a detailed list of services included in our offering.

Structure of the welcome book

Information about the place: message from the director, history, mission and values, environment, organisation chart, introduction to the team, prices, partners
Arrival instructions: pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, contact details, time slot, itineraries, parking, check-in procedures, disease prevention, environmental protection, plan of the establishment, introduction to the team, operation of equipment, inventory, house rules
Operational framework: code of conduct, privacy, leave and absences, pay-related benefits, professional training, IT charter, safety, quality, health, hygiene
On-site services tailored according to the type of establishment (for example wi-fi, restaurant, disabled access, etc.), custom interactions for orders and bookings, with or without online payment
Property file: information about the agency, contractual documents, financing and brokerage, floor plans and surface areas, technical diagnoses, ten-year guarantees, co-ownership, taxes, meter readings, referral, revaluation of the property, satisfaction survey
Property facilitiesdetailed descriptions, technical notices, virtual tours, etc.
Calendar of events: programme of on-site activities, local gatherings and events in the surrounding area, automatically synchronised with the tourist offices
Training calendar: programme of training courses with the option of booking online
Weather forecasts for the week ahead, detailed hourly information for the current day, tide times for establishments on the coast, and snow report for establishments at ski resorts
Tourist attractions fully described by official information bases
Nearby leisure activities: culture, entertainment, relaxation, sport, events, local producers, activities that are bookable online
Amenities nearby: authorities, supermarkets, shops, transport
Local places to eat and drink: restaurants, bars, cafés, bakeries
Emergencies: local contacts, chemists, doctors, hospitals, police, fire brigade, vets
Help with moving in: insurance, removal firms, furniture storage, furniture shops, building tradespeople
Departure instructions: time slot, check-out procedures, inventory, itineraries, satisfaction survey, leaving a review

E-conciergerie et interaction client

Option to activate an AI assistant when the receptionist is unavailable, to answer questions quickly usingartificial intelligence
Option of a pre-stay questionnaire to find out about customer preferences and grow sales
Express check-in available to cut down on administrative procedures upon arrival
Option of online ordering, booking and custom interaction according to the specifics of the establishment
Commission-free online payment can be enabled for all customer transactions in real time
Permanent connection with the customer via messaging and option of push notifications during the stay
Online inventory and schedule of condition if needed, and appointments for check-out
Direct access to restaurant menus by specific QR code
Fully customisable end-of-stay satisfaction survey

Content customisation

Complete flexibility of establishment information: texts detailing instructions, on-site services, option to add photos, virtual tours or videos
Complete flexibility of local information: choose attractions and places to recommend, add places not suggested by the system, add personal comments or favourites to a place
Complete flexibility of menus: customise titles, re-arrange menus, add sections redirecting to external links
Option to enable or disable certain features, like customer messaging, e-mail address collection in accordance with the GDPR, the satisfaction survey or all customer interactions
Option to customise the welcome booklet's web address using a custom link
Adapt the booklet to your brand image with a choice of styles and colours, and add your logo to the interface and notifications
International support in 15 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Basque, Swedish, Catalan, Russian , Chinese, Japanese and Arabic

Easy for customers to use

Access on all devices with no account or application needed
Option to view offline, avoiding interruptions and extra charges for those on foreign phone contracts
Adaptation of content according to language and geographical position, as well as the device used by the customer
Access to maps and itineraries in real time
Option to run a keyword search of the whole welcome booklet
Artificial intelligence assistance option

Distribution of the welcome booklet

Direct access via a customisable, short and simple link to distribute in booking confirmations
Password protection option
Option to send a personalised e-mail automatically to customers according to their arrival dates
Provision of a QR code and customisable flyers for easier on-site communication
Option to display on an interactive welcome kiosk and manage terminals remotely
Option to programme a big screen to show information by digital signage

Management services

Access to unlimited editing of your welcome booklet
Customised optimisation advice to improve the quality of your welcome booklet
Help with translation into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Basque, Swedish, Catalan, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic for free text
Welcome booklet usage statistics for each language and each section
Customer satisfaction statistics resulting from your custom-made survey
Option to suspend/reactivate the publication if necessary
Ability to archive your invoices and renew the publication easily
Efficient technical support by e-mail

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