Your tailor-made digital welcome booklet!
Enhance your customers' experience by offering them direct access to all the information and services they need in an intuitive, context-sensitive, multilingual interface with your company branding.
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3800 satisfied establishments
Your recommendations in the customer's pocket
From arrival instructions to on-site services through recommended amenities in the local area, your practical information is accessible at any time.
Simple and universal to use
Guests can find out all they need to know in one step, on any device, with no account or application needed, even offline. The information appears in the right language and takes account of the customer's situation.
Interactive and smart
E-Concierge features facilitate interaction with customers, like the pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, inventory, ordering products, booking activities, messaging and notifications, the satisfaction survey, instant messaging or push notifications. Useful information is updated automatically, in particular the weather forecast, local events and contact details of recommended establishments.
Source of marketing data
Marketing data are collected automatically to help you learn more about your customers, such as their interests or e-mail addresses. A specific module allows you to conduct a customised satisfaction survey and analyse the results.
Modular digital signage
The information in your digital welcome booklet can also be published on a big screen with programmable digital signage, or on self-service interactive kiosks.
Quick to create, easy to manage
Online management is made easy by multiple features, such as integration with local tourist information bases, optimisation advice, usage statistics and automatic distribution.
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Before the digital welcome booklet, we used a paper booklet, which was not in line with our environmental policy. Very easy to use for us but also for our customers, it's very comprehensive and allows visitors to find information about our establishment, but also local activities and services. The translation into several languages for our foreign visitors is a big bonus. We recommend this service.
Jacky Lechleiter
General director, Domain Hirtz
After looking into several solutions, we found this digital welcome booklet. The low cost worked in their favour, as well as the ease of implementation and wide range of possibilities. Since then, we've encouraged all our customers to use it, because it allows them to have all the latest information about our services, but also all the information and events according to their location, and that's a plus!
Lionel Davin
Operations Manager, Camping Bregoux
The digital welcome booklet is very functional and is kept up to date. The translation into several languages is a real plus. It's easy to set up options with online payment. The booklet is very comprehensive, well presented, and helps us avoid getting too many questions from holidaymakers. Now I send the link to the welcome booklet each time a new booking is made, and I've had only good feedback from customers.
Philippe Gautry
Owner, Domaine Calotine
We've been using the digital welcome booklet for several years. It gives our customers access to a lot of information, which is greatly appreciated and very welcome. It's easy to use and simple to set up. I would recommend it to anyone.
Boris Opsomer Mesclon
Manager, Camping Actinidias
Easy to add information to, fun and functional, the digital welcome booklet has helped me to save time in communicating organisational information, and reassure customers about any details they may not all take the time to read on our website. It helps me sell more services before and during the stay. Its digital format is in line with my environmental policy. The customer support team is always there to help me if I have any doubts.
Olivier Cremont
Owner Manager, Clos Landrais
Very good service, very well put together. I would recommend it to anyone in our business looking for an effective and simple solution. Easy to use and share.
Vincent Daniel
Director, Camping Monplaisir
We were instantly won over by the professional and convenient aspect of the tool, so we opted for the digital welcome booklet offered here. The service offers many advantages: no big document to integrate into our correspondence, easy to update online, easy for the user to navigate, beautifully presented pages.
Patrick Gasche
Co manager, Cannet garden
Quick service, ingenious, clear and intuitive for the visitor and administrator alike. The automatic version in several languages is greatly appreciated.
Justine Dautry
Reception Manager, Youcamp
The digital welcome booklet allows our guests to plan their trip, visits, restaurant bookings and on-site services. I even think it's helped to cut down on customer cancellations. The fact that they can be sent in any language, including via OTA emails, is extremely convenient. I had my doubts when we started sending it out, but the feedback from customers thanking us soon won me over. Well done and thank you!
Laurent Sonzogni
Owner, The Bacchus Mill
A link to my digital welcome booklet is sent automatically by my CRM each time a booking is made. I get a huge amount of enthusiastic feedback from guests of all nationalities. I've recommended this service to many colleagues who have also signed up for it, and have had no particular difficulties in personalising it to suit their establishment. Its price is really attractive. Lastly, it gives a very professional image of my establishment. In short, I couldn't do without it!
Stephanie Berbessou
Owner Manager, Tops of Saint Vincent
The digital welcome booklet is a great tool, dynamic and totally easy to use, for us as hosts as well as the person using this service. You can add a lot to it, and use it to give instructions. I recommend it for the quality, price and service!
Sebastien Chambert
Owner, Bel Air Estate
We're delighted to have turned a corner by making our paper booklets a thing of the past. The digital welcome booklet meets all the hotel owner's needs but also those of their guests. The latter are increasingly finding us online, are used to digital services and even request them. For us, it saves time and effort, it's easy to update and therefore costs us less. At the end of the day, we're completely satisfied.
Guillaume Pellerin
Leader, Europe Hotel
Customers like to plan their stay in advance, and I wanted to cut down on the administrative aspects of check-in before my guests arrived. My customers automatically receive a link to my welcome booklet a few days before they arrive, with an invitation to fill in this form. They can also find out about my services, the practical aspects, and see what the region offers in terms of shops, tourism, restaurants... My customers appreciate this service and find me very organised!
Jacqueline Daloze
Owner-Manager, A Quiet Place
We've been using the digital welcome booklet since the campsite reopened. It's a good tool that customers like because it provides a whole range of useful information before their stay. It's easy to use, you can update it quickly. Sharing it by QR code or link allows us to reach as many people as possible ahead of their stay or directly on site at the campsite.
Anne Raffel
Manager, Campsite Granges Bas
I've been using the digital welcome booklet to digitalise my room directory for a few years now. I'm completely satisfied with the product, as are my customers. No more paper, with more information about my establishment and local tourist attractions. It's simple and functional to use. I strongly recommend a tool like this for all Hoteliers who want to take a CSR approach.
Caroline Deletang
President, Manor Boisvillers
It's essential that our guests feel welcome and supported during their stay. The welcome booklet helps us communicate with our customers, give them instructions and share our top picks with them. It's interesting to see that it's read in different languages and that some guests return to it several times a day! Our guests really appreciate the booklet and regularly compliment us on the tool we've put in place to make their stay unforgettable.
Sandrine Ianz
Manager, Mas Seraphin
I use the digital welcome booklet for the seasonal rental that I manage in Marrakech. It is simply brilliant and I always get a lot of positive feedback from my travellers, who are delighted to find all the practical information about the area. It's very handy for them, especially as they can log in offline and the geolocation feature is very popular. In addition, the translation into several languages is a major advantage for the travellers I welcome, who come from all over the world.
Jasmeene ASH
Responsible, Riad Jasmeene
With a digital welcome booklet, you can be sure of always providing up-to-date information, without wasting paper or ink, which is in line with CSR. The digital welcome booklet is surprisingly easy to set up. It's also very simple to send to our guests. So they can check in, check out, book activities, etc. I strongly recommend using it.
Nathou Dupont - Manoury
Director, Hotel Clos Paille
The digital welcome booklet is a service that can be personalised and updated easily, is interactive and always looks neat. It really saves time and paper. Our guests use it systematically before and during their stay. They find it well designed, comprehensive and easy to use. The dashboard shows the most commonly used sections. We recommend it for its ease of use and customisation options.
Philippe Schmitt
Owner, Domaine Bellevue Cottage
The digital welcome booklet is easy to use, upgradeable and reasonably priced. We offer all the practical and tourism information in one place. We also provide guests with a QR code. Customers are delighted and we're really happy to have a very professional tool in just a few clicks. I recommend it!
Stéphanie Platteau
Manager, Gites Brejoliere
We've been using the digital booklet for our 8 unusual places to stay for over 5 years and find it very satisfactory, in fact we've recommended it to several fellow hotel and restaurant owners and resort managers. We don't understand how tourism professionals can spend hours of their precious time making their own welcome booklet when this solution exists, especially at such a very affordable price!
Catherine Vermot des Roches
Manager, Gites Sologne
The digital version of the welcome booklet can be sent out as soon as the booking is made. Customers can plan ahead and anticipate any questions. Being able to see events happening near the accommodation is a major plus which gives travellers ideas for outings and activities. Customer feedback is usually very positive. They appreciate the tool and find it very useful.
Agnès Perrot
Owner, Baroque Getaway
Our customers love this digital, clear and comprehensive format. The automatic help with places to visit and restaurants made it easy for us to create our booklet. We've been using it for over 4 years, it's great, highly recommended!
Cecile Reynier
Owner, The Oustaou
We're delighted to have been using the digital welcome booklet for years. The sections provided are very useful for providing information about accommodation and also about the region. We send the booklet systematically when a booking is made. It's fun and interactive, I like its concept and how easy it is to use. When you first start using it, it's true the amount of information you need to provide can seem daunting, but it's easy to complete in the end. It was useful from the outset without too much effort.
Sylvie Fournol Collier
Manager, Lake Lodge
This booklet is very popular with our guests and contributes greatly to our image as a quality establishment. Extremely user-friendly, very comprehensive although we don't use all the features, in particular the most recently added ones. I've recommended it to the host communities I belong to and I know many rental companies have started using it too.
Yvonne et Patrick Mortier
Manager, Ostal Philia
Since we've been using the digital welcome booklet, all our instructions have been clearly explained in the guide. It's hugely reassuring for guests to be guided through their stay, point by point. My initial worry that the guide would be complicated to use faded as soon as I filled in the first section, it's all intuitive. The price is fair, we've adopted it and use it all the time.
Karine De Wilde
Owner, South Mèze