Your tailor-made digital welcome booklet!
Enhance your customers' experience by offering them direct access to all the information and services they need for their stay in an intuitive, contextual, multilingual interface, with your company branding.
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Your recommendations in the customer's pocket
From arrival instructions to on-site services through recommended amenities in the local area, your practical information is accessible at any time.
Simple and universal to use
Guests can find out all they need to know in one step, on any device, with no account or application needed, even offline. The information appears in the right language and takes account of the customer's situation.
Interactive and smart
E-Concierge features facilitate interaction with customers, like the pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, inventory, ordering products, booking activities, messaging and notifications, the satisfaction survey, instant messaging or push notifications. Online payment can be enabled for all customer transactions. Useful information is updated automatically, in particular the weather forecast, local events and contact details of recommended establishments.
Source of marketing data
Marketing data are collected automatically to help you learn more about your customers, such as their interests or e-mail addresses. A specific module allows you to conduct a customised satisfaction survey and analyse the results.
Modular digital signage
The information in your digital welcome booklet can also be published on a big screen with programmable digital signage, or on self-service interactive kiosks.
Quick to create, easy to manage
Online management is made easy by multiple features, such as integration with local tourist information bases, optimisation advice, usage statistics and automatic distribution.
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