Benefits for the establishment

Digital welcome booklet

Here are 10 good reasons to use the digital welcome booklet service, but there are others too!
1. Customer experience and satisfaction
In an ultra-connected, highly competitive environment, an excellent customer experience is a must. Firstly because it encourages customer loyalty, and secondly because it ensures that a successful stay will boost future bookings as positive reviews help build the establishment's reputation. Providing a welcome booklet is already a good thing, but the customer experience takes on a whole new dimension when the medium is a digital one with quality content, a dynamic and intuitive interface, and constant accessibility. Our digital welcome booklet system has been carefully designed to maximise customer satisfaction, not only on site but also before they arrive and after they leave.
2. Optimisation of the customer relationship
One of the benefits of the welcome booklet is that it saves time for managers, who see a considerable reduction in recurring customer queries. All the useful information included in the booklet can answer 90% of the usual questions, such as how to access Wi-Fi or recommended restaurants nearby. What's more, when the reception desk is closed or busy, or when the customer is not on site or does not speak the manager's language, the digital welcome booklet is an effective way to answer certain queries. This time saving is all the more important as the read rate is significantly higher for the digital welcome booklet than for a traditional welcome booklet. The time freed up in this way lets you provide a better welcome for customers who need to establish strong relational contact. For even greater efficiency, the system automatically updates the information about the establishments listed, which can change their contact details at any time. We also synchronise events in the local area with the nearby tourist offices. The e-Concierge modules integrated into the digital welcome booklet also allow interaction at each stage of the stay: sending preferences before arrival, express check-in, inventory, ordering products, booking activities, messaging and notifications, satisfaction survey, or online payment for any customer transactions.
3. Simple set-up
You can create a digital welcome booklet online in a few minutes, and it's easy to include all the information about your establishment's services. Local information is automatically pre-filled according to your address. We work with many content providers, including local tourist offices, to make it easy for you to feature attractions in your area. In all cases you are fully in control of the information you show. With digital signage you can also post useful information for your customers automatically on a big screen. On the contractual side of things, there is only one package, renewable annually on a non-automatic basis, meaning that no renewals can be made without your agreement. There are no hidden costs and no extra options to pay for. All the e-Concierge modules are part of the service, and customer payments (if you use them) are commission-free.
4. Content customisation
In order to communicate your instructions and recommendations as clearly as possible, all content can be tailored to your needs. You can edit each text in detail, add photos or videos, choose attractions and places to recommend, or add places not suggested by the system. You can also change or add menus and sections specific to your operations. The web address for accessing your booklet can be edited to create a custom link. It is also possible to enable or disable each feature according to your needs, such as customer messaging or the first login window. The style and colours of your digital welcome booklet can be adjusted to reflect your brand image, and you can insert your logo. Customer interactions are also fully configurable to allow your customers to place orders or make bookings according to the specifics of your establishment. You can also find details of the features offered by the digital welcome booklet.
5. Collection of marketing data
Some types of marketing data collected automatically by the welcome booklet will help you learn more about your customers. For example, you can set up a pre-stay questionnaire to find out about their preferences before they arrive. The system automatically records their areas of interest in its statistics and you can also gather your customers' e-mail addresses. There is also a specific module for conducting a custom satisfaction survey and analysing the results in graphic form. The information collected can be analysed and exported in accordance with the applicable GDPR legislation.
6. Universal and continuous access
The digital welcome booklet can be accessed from any device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. The interface runs on all devices, consistently and universally. What's more, access to information is possible even offline, so you avoid interruptions in poorly covered areas, or roaming charges which can sometimes be expensive for those on foreign phone contracts. The programmable digital signage for big screens and the kiosk and terminal management feature enable you to publish information on other devices within the establishment, while administration remains centralised. Each kiosk can be managed independently in the Management Area, configured differently, and reset remotely. If the establishment has a bar or restaurant, you can also give direct access to their menus using a specific QR code.
7. Adaptation to the customer's situation
The content of the digital welcome booklet is adjusted by automatically detecting the customer's environment: The type of device they are using so the interface remains clear and intuitive; their geographical position, so distances, maps and itineraries are always relevant; and their natural language, so the content is easy to understand. So foreign customers can also benefit from the information, provided in 15 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Basque, Swedish, Catalan, Russian , Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Information is shown in the correct language by automatically detecting the language used on the customer's device. The customer can also tailor their booklet to suit their preferences, such as enabling geolocation or notifications.
8. Ease of distribution
The digital welcome booklet can be distributed using a short, simple custom link. As this link is very easy to memorise, there are no problems with sharing it by oral communication. Sending the link by e-mail in the booking confirmation is a particularly effective and highly recommended approach. We also provide various tools for you to use, for instance sending a customised, automatic e-mail to customers according to their arrival dates, or printing flyers with a QR code. On the customer's side, the digital welcome booklet is instantly accessible by clicking on the link, with no account or application needed. Some establishments also choose to redirect their customers automatically to the digital welcome booklet the first time they connect to their Wi-Fi access point, or to set up a digital welcome kiosk by presenting their booklet on a tablet mounted on a stand, or on a touch screen. We also offer the option to programme big screens in order to show information with digital signage.
9. Flexible management
Once your welcome booklet is in place, you can make changes at any time by going to your Management Area. All the elements of your welcome booklet can be modified as often as necessary. In the Management Area you can also find optimisation advice, manage customer messaging, the pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, stock of products for sale, payments and the satisfaction survey. Or you can consult usage statistics, schedule automatic distribution and manage the digital signage, kiosks and terminals. As needed, at any time you can add sections, edit the menus or set up specific forms for interacting with your customers.
10. Competitive prices
You can subscribe to the welcome booklet service for 12 or 24 months, with the payment date being the same as the contract start date. Prices range from 45 € to 160 € excl. tax per year according to establishment type, and take account of guest capacity. You can find all the details on our service prices page. Data licences, e-Concierge modules and digital signage capacities are all included in this price. There are no hidden costs and no extra options to pay for, regardless of user numbers. Customer payments (if you use them for your transactions) are commission-free. Renewal is not automatic from one year to the next and your initial registration does not commit you to renewing the publication for subsequent years. Throughout the term of your subscription, you will have access to a Management Area where you can update the information in your welcome booklet, access usage statistics, and benefit from a range of services.

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