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Livret d'Accueil Gîtes Lézan Gard
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Livret d'Accueil Gîtes Lézan Gard
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You have questions, we will strive wherever possible to respond to give you complete satisfaction.

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At what time can we arrive at the rental? → 4:00 p.m. ET the official arrival time. Do not hesitate to call the morning of your arrival, sometimes the house is operational by early afternoon
What time should you leave the house? → At 10:00 am, so that the cleaning lady had time to cool rent
Linens are provided? → We provide linen for hire, 10,00 € the pair, thank you to inform us a bit in advance if you choose this option
How much is the tourist tax? → € 0.66 per day per person, children under thirteen years of age are exempt
How much is the deposit? → The deposit is 300,00 €, it is due the day of your arrival by check or cash it will be returned the day of departure, less any damage
Can we pick fruit and vegetables in the garden? → Yes, the garden is made for that, respect it and think about the future holidaymakers
The pool is to share it with others? → Yes vacationers with two other cottages
How much is the cleaning fee? At € 60.00, it is optional, it must be paid with the deposit you will be refunded the day of departure, once made household. Otherwise the cleaning fee will be charged to you
Livret d'Accueil Gîtes Lézan Gard
Philippe Durand - Anne Marie Ravaglia
247 chemin de Sauve - 30140 Anduze
Languages spoken:French
Latitude:44.0110616 ( N 44° 0’ 40” )
Longitude:4.0486286 ( E 4° 2’ 55” )

Check-in possible from 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

To come to Lézan :

  • Arriving by the motorway exit Nîmes.
  • Follow signs for : Ales.
  • 25 km later take the exit : Maruejols- Ners - Anduze
  • At the roundabout take the 2nd exit, continue from D 982 towards Maruejols - Anduze.
  • Cross Maruejols les Gardons.
  • 5 km after, crossing Cardet.
  • 3 km after, at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit towards Lézan.
  • Enter Lezan.
Address : 247 chemin de Sauve. 30350 - Lézan.

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Nearest airports:
  • (53 km, 45 min)
  • (65 km, 58 min)
Nearest railway stations:
  • (16.4 km, 23 min)
  • (41 km, 43 min)
Nearest seaport:
  • (96 km, 1h18)

A private and closed parking with four places materialized is available for each of the lodgings.

  • The rentals are made by the week, arrival Saturday afternoon after 16h, departure the Saturday following the morning before 10h.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The tenant agrees not to bring additional persons without the authorization of the landlord not to rent the accommodation, to use the premises peacefully, to insure against the rental risks.
Swimming pool :


  • A key gives access to the fenced and private swimming pool.
  • When the pool is unoccupied it is important that the door is locked and locked.
  • Once in this chamber, you are solely responsible
  • In order to respect the tranquility, well-being of other holidaymakers and the neighborhood, access to the swimming pool is prohibited from 10 pm.
  • A bed as well as the baby kit, high chair, youpala are available for families with young children.
  • Linen hire 10 € per pair (optional).
  • Electric heating, reversible air-conditioning. (In addition the winters).
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A vegetable garden, an orchard at your disposal during your holidays ?

We have the pleasure of sharing ours with you during your holidays.

If you are a seasoned gardener we can discuss together our passion, exchange our secrets, combinations and advice…

If you are a novice in the field and interested we will make you discover in our way the gardening with its good sides, the tricks to plant, sow, choose the right moon to garden, know how to choose the right organic fertilizer to get beautiful vegetables, water At the right time, differentiate and recognize the various seedlings of the vegetable garden, discern the right time to harvest tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines… What a delight, in the early morning, to be able to enjoy a vegetable garden in front of its door, pick fresh vegetables to make good summer dishes, to grill peppery grills and other condiments picked up just before…

You can also in May or June in the orchard pick cherries where apricots, in July or August plums, in September figs, pears and apples, this will be the opportunity to make your own jams where jars With organic fruits and to proudly bring home to your family, your children or your entourage. You will have the joy maybe for the first time, to see your children consume directly on the tree fresh fruit.

The cottage has a free wifi.

In the hot hours, the pool of 4 meters by 8 meters fenced and secured, allows exercise, relaxation and games.

For your children you will have a fenced and secured playground with slide, trampoline, swings, sandboxes, ping-pong table, air hockey, hut, pétanque (balls available) and various games.

Sheets rental 10 € per pair

  • A bed as well as the baby kit, high chair, youpala are available for families with young children.

For long-term holiday-makers from abroad we offer a rental car with a gite.

We take care of you on your arrival (Package 50 € return and tgv train station and airport of Nimes), we install you to the lodging while leaving you the car to rent to the day (25 €), once your stay ended You will return to the station or to the airport of your choice.

This formula can only apply for a maximum of four persons.

Outdoor leisure activities
Formula car Rental and Lodging

Fair in Anduze "Sucré salé" in April.

Market potters in Anduze in July.

Feast of wine and cévenol products in Anduze in July.

Festival of Ceramics in Anduze in August.

Night markets in Anduze in July and August.

Empty workshop potters in Anduze in September.

Feast of the Chestnut in Anduze in October.

Many concerts in Anduze

Market in Lézan every Thursday morning place des Ecoles

Flea market in Anduze every Sunday morning parking super U

There are no events nearby available at the moment.
Local events
Events nearby
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Tourist site
38 Place de la Gare - Anduze
04 66 60 59 00

The tourist train usually serves three stations : Anduze, Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Bambouseraie de Prafrance, and a fourth, Thoiras, only in the most important occasions (Nuits du conte, or Jubilee of the 20th anniversary of the train).

The route allows to admire the meeting of the three Gardons, to observe an old mill, all this in the vegetal atmosphere of the Cevennes. The train also crosses herds of goats, which are at the origin of the famous local pélardon.

Tourist site
A wonderful exotic garden bathing in tranquillity

Created in 1856 by Eugène Mazel, a Cevennes-dweller and keen botanist, the famous Prafrance bamboo garden (not far from Anduze) is a wonderful exotic garden that invites you to saunter through its grounds. The restful paths through tall bamboo trees; the Valley of the Dragon, a splendid Japanese-style Zen garden; the Bambusarium with its many bamboo species, the Mazel greenhouse containing fragrant plants and exotic flowers; the Laotian village with its typical bamboo constructions; the water garden, as peaceful as can be with its koi carp, dragonflies and lotuses... All these splendours have made the park's name.

Tourist site
Gateway to the Cévennes

The welcoming town of Alès is the gateway to the Cévennes, with a rich mining past. Discover its pleasant floral areas and monuments, such as the cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, the Vauban fort, the town hall or the old bishop's palace.

Tourist site
A major Protestant site

A picturesque Cévennes hamlet in the commune of Mialet, Le Mas Soubeyran was a major site for the Protestant resistance in the 17th and 18th centuries. A Desert Museum has been set up in the house where the Camisard leader Pierre Laporte (also known as Rolland) was born. Here visitors can learn all about the history of the Camisards and their struggle against the persecution they suffered during the Desert period, which lasted from the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 to the Edict of Tolerance in 1787. There is also a memorial to the martyrs of the Desert.

Every first Sunday in September, a large Protestant gathering takes place on the site of the Desert Museum.

Tourist site
The biggest cave in the Cévennes

Trabuc cave is tucked away in the commune of Mialet, not far from Le Mas Soubeyran. With its 1,200 metres of galleries, it's the biggest network of underground passages in the Cévennes. Take a guided tour (lasting around an hour) and discover splendid coloured minerals, draperies, waterfalls, lakes, and most excitingly, a mysterious group of 100,000 small stalagmites that bear a strange resemblance to an army of soldiers, the origin of which remains unexplained to this day!

Tourist site
75 chemin de Panissière - Rousson
04 66 85 86 96
The Prehistorama

As a family, come and travel in time since the appearance of life on Earth until the end of Prehistory.

You will discover :

• The Museum's permanent collection : the Geological Time Gallery (collection of more than 500 fossils) that traces the evolution from the beginning of life on Earth to the appearance of man

• Prehistory with reconstructed scenes from the lives of our ancestors and the Ice Age animal room.

• An ethnographic collection with contemporary objects from a tribal manufacture, sometimes unchanged since the Palaeolithic.

• The new permanent exhibition on fossils, a collection exhibited for the pleasure of the eyes.

Tourist site
Mas des Tailles - Uzès
04 66 22 99 99

The Haras d'Uzès radiates on three regions, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur and Corsica. Located in the Gard, it is the place of numerous events, the horse-riding center of Uzès lends itself to all the diversity that can offer riding (breeding, horse show, horse-ball, endurance, spectacle…). It is also a place of formation through its school of coupling with stallions of features Comtois.

Tourist site
First duchy of France

Uzès, the first duchy of France, invites walkers and architecture-lovers to discover its old town, which is full of charm and rich in ancient heritage.

A blend of Medieval, Renaissance and classical styles, the duchy of Uzès – or ducal castle – is one of the flagship sites of the city. Visit this place steeped in history and discover the gothic chapel and its superb stained glass windows, the splendid Renaissance façade of the central building, the furnished apartments, the cellar and the Bermonde Tower, an imposing 11th century keep offering a wonderful view of the rooftops of the historic centre.

Discover Uzès peacefully, wandering through its alleyways, squares and monuments, including private mansions and the remarkable Romanesque Fenestrelle Tower, a relic of the old cathedral, which is notable for being the only example of a round bell tower in France!

Above all, don't miss the Place aux Herbes square and its beautiful arcade houses. Full of activity with its café terraces and restaurants, every Saturday a Provençal market takes place in this pleasant square, full of colours and flavours.

The medieval garden at the foot of the King's Tower is also worth a look, with a fine range of ancient vegetable varieties and medicinal plants.

Les Nuits Musicales d'Uzès, a well-known music festival, takes place in July, with venues including the ducal palace, Saint Théodorit cathedral and the bishop's palace courtyard.

Tourist site
This 'ship of the Cévennes' combines medieval and Renaissance styles

Perched on its mountain pass like a sentry since the 11th century, Portes castle once protected the pilgrims who walked along the Régordane Way to Saint-Gilles. Known as the "ship of the Cévennes" because of its spur shaped like a ship's bow, the Portes fortress consists of an "old castle” in the feudal style and a "new castle” in the Renaissance style. As well as discovering these two parts, visitors to this spot can also enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Cévennes valleys, Mount Lozère and the Alès plain from the platform of the Renaissance fortification.

Tourist site
A Roman city

As a City of Art and History, Nîmes is renowned for its ancient heritage and its especially festive southern atmosphere. The Roman amphitheatre is remarkably well-preserved and dates from the late 1st century and early 2nd century. It is 133 metres long and 101 metres wide and can hold up to 24,000 spectators! These vast arenas are open to visitors and shows are regularly held there, most notably the famous bullfights and Camargue bull runs.

Another flagship monument of the city of Nîmes is the Maison Carrée, a superb Roman temple from the late 1st century, with its columns topped with Corinthian capitals. Opposite the Maison Carrée stands the Carré d'Art, a modern building housing a Contemporary Art Museum. The city of Nîmes also has a Fine Arts Museum displaying French and foreign paintings from the 14th to the 19th century.

As well as these many attractions, don't miss the Jardin de la Fontaine, a marvellous romantic park listed as a Remarkable Garden, developed in the 18th century around the Nemausus spring and the ancient ruins of the Temple of Diana and Magne Tower. Enjoy a most restful stroll through the grounds and discover a French-style garden in the lower section, and a series of Mediterranean plants, pines and cedars in the upper section. From the Magne Tower at the top of Mount Cavalier, the view of the rooftops of the city is superb!

Before leaving Gard's capital, be sure to take a walk in the picturesque alleyways of the old city and enjoy a drink on one of its pretty town squares, such as the Place du Marché, Place aux Herbes or Place de l'Horloge squares.

As for events, the Pentecost Feria in May is a big five-day celebration where the bull is king. Apart from its bullfights, the Nîmes Feria is also a chance to celebrate with music to the rhythm of the bandas in the streets of the city centre.

Tourist site
Le Musée du Bonbon Haribo - Pont-des-Charrettes
04 66 22 74 39

Manufacturing history

Once upon a time there was zan liquorice…

In 1862, Henri Lafont opened a licorice factory in Uzès. His son-in-law, Paul Aubrespy, is the director. One day, in a restaurant, the latter would have heard a child ask his mother : Z'en Maman, give me z'en ! ". The director then deposed the zan mark in 1884. The business, developing, the mark at the forefront of advertising worked with the biggest names of the time and became everywhere synonymous with liquorice sweets. In 1970, ricqles and zan merged under the name "Société ricqles-zan", in addition to florent in 1975. In 1985, the German company haribo merged with ricqles-zan, and in 1987 the merger of the two companies Companies give birth to the new company "haribo-ricqles-zan"

Advertising and Advertising

The advertising campaign consisted of a simple communication to the rational consciousness : nothing more than presentation, and argumentation… The Pub for its use, especially uses from the 80s, associations of ideas and emotions by means of Of worked images and various processes attracting attention. Haribo recognized very early on, in the early sixties, the importance that television, media still new at the time, would have in the success of the company. In 1962, an advertisement for haribo was broadcast for the first time on German television.

The engine room

In this space, the candy machines will reveal a few surprises with the token offered at the entrance !

Technically how does this happen ?

"Baggers" work from a heat-sealing film spool. They realize what are called cushion pouches. From the film reel, they form, fill, seal and cut the sachets. The filling is done by volumetric dosers that correspond to 30gr of candy, once this doser is full, a valve opens and releases the candies that fall into the bag ready to be sealed and cut.

From Matter to Pleasure

The main raw material in confectionery is of course sugar. Remember that sugar is a natural and essential food to our organism. The space of matter to pleasure presents each specificity allowing different recipes.

For example, icing sugar owes its lightness to its atomization and to the addition of a little starch.

The sugar for jam is added with pectin which gives it a gelling action.

Tourist site
A masterpiece of Antiquity

A masterpiece of Antiquity and nowadays a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, the Pont du Gard bridge was built in the 1st century to channel water from the Eure springs near Uzès to Nîmes, and has stood the test of time remarkably well. This impressive Roman aqueduct bridge over the waters of the river Gardon has three storeys of arches and forms a magnificent symbiosis with its lush green setting. On the left bank of the Gardon stands a very interesting museum dedicated to water, Gallo-Roman civilisation and the famous work of art, to complete your visit.

Tourist site
A superb rocky gorge

At the outskirts of the picturesque village of Lussan, lovers of wild scenery will find the site of the Concluses, a remarkable natural area to say the least! The Concluses or gorges of the Aiguillon can only be reached on foot, during the summer period when the river bed is dry. Hikers will find a beautiful group of rocks reminiscent of a lunar landscape and dominated by tall cliffs with hollowed-out cavities.

Tourist site
Cea Marcoule - Bagnols-sur-Cèze
04 66 39 78 78

A unique scientific discovery area in France, the Visiatome offers an unprecedented adventure accessible to all. Simulations, movies, experiences, games, propel you on an exciting interactive journey of which you are the main actor ! From fossil, nuclear and renewable energies to household, industrial and radioactive wastes. The exhibition of 600 m² reveals the energy stakes of tomorrow.

Hours :

During the school holidays :

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm

Outside school holidays :

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm

Prices :

Admission : 4 €

Reduced price : 3 €

Tourist site
Listed natural site

The Navacelles cirque is located between the limestone plateaus of Le Larzac and Blandas, between the departments of Gard and Hérault, and is a listed Grand National Site, forming an impressive natural amphitheatre with its tall limestone cliffs. The beauty of the place can be fully appreciated from the panoramic viewpoints of La Baume Auriol and Blandas. At the centre of the cirque, the picturesque village of Navacelles is particularly photogenic, with its waterfall and spectacular environment. Superb!

Tourist site
Second highest peak in the Cévennes

Mount Aigoual in the Cévennes National Park is the second highest peak in the Cévennes, standing 1,567 metres high. Its peak is exposed to extreme weather conditions and has a weather observatory, which is remarkable for being the only weather station in Europe to still be inhabited.

Walkers can enjoy a magnificent view of the Cévennes and the Causses, and on a clear day the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, from the observatory's orientation table. As well as this vast panoramic view, they can also discover an exhibition about meteorology and Mount Aigoual.

Tourist site
Abîme de Bramabiau - Camprieu
04 67 82 60 78

Between Millau and Mont Aigoual, Visit the resurgence of Happiness

In the heart of the Aigoual massif, in the heart of the Cévennes National Park, the river of Happiness is born in the open air. In contact with the limestone, it will rush under the Causse de Camprieu to return 800 meters further.

A veritable cradle of French Speleology, the tour provides a circuit of 1 km very accessible since its new installations done in 2006 allowing to go out to 5 minutes of the building of reception.

As a family, formed groups we will meet your expectations.

On-site services :

  • Parking Car, Motorbike, Bus, Camping-Car (point of water and free parking for the night).
  • Shop, Snack, Bar.
  • Picnic area around the car parks.
  • Free picnic room with panoramic view.
  • Pets allowed on a lead.
Tourist site
La Grotte De L'Aven Armand - Hures-la-Parade
04 66 45 61 31

150 years ago, Jules Verne wrote "Journey to the center of the earth", ignoring that this world already existed in reality.

With the complicity of passionate guides, come to discover this space out of time where lights, images and sounds create links between fiction and reality… Jules Verne tells us the extraordinary story of this abyss revisited with all his imagination, in a dive At more than 100 meters underground and at the heart of our underground emotions.

Easy access by means of a funicular.

A wonderful site

Discovered on the Causse Méjean on September 17,1897 by Louis armand, this wonderful site opened its doors to the public since June 11,1927.

A jewel of history

After a descent by funicular allowing easy access, the visit of the Aven Armand takes you to more than 100 meters underground to the discovery of one of the most pure jewels in the history of the humanity - Aven Armand is a unique and magical place, it is one of the most beautiful caves in France.

Unique in the world

Passionate guides will make you admire the Virgin Forest and its 400 unique stalagmites in the world. You will never forget the Palm, the Turkey, the Draperies, the Jellyfish, the Cauliflower, the Jaw of the Tiger… And of course the Greatest Stalagmite known to date in the world that from the top of 30 meters shines and sparkles like a diamond.

The big room

A unique, fairy-tale hall, which by its dimensions could house Notre Dame de Pa

Le Petit Train à Vapeur des Cévennes
Tourist site in Anduze
Prafrance bamboo garden
A wonderful exotic garden bathing in tranquillity
Gateway to the Cévennes
Le Mas Soubeyran
A major Protestant site
Trabuc cave
The biggest cave in the Cévennes
Le Préhistorama
Tourist site in Rousson
Le Haras National d'Uzès
Tourist site in Uzès
First duchy of France
Portes castle
This 'ship of the Cévennes' combines medieval and Renaissance styles
A Roman city
Musée du Bonbon Haribo
Tourist site in Pont-des-Charrettes
Pont du Gard bridge
A masterpiece of Antiquity
The Concluses of Lussan
A superb rocky gorge
Le Visiatome
Tourist site in Bagnols-sur-Cèze
Cirque de Navacelles
Listed natural site
Mount Aigoual
Second highest peak in the Cévennes
Tourist site in Camprieu
La Grotte De L'Aven Armand
Tourist site in Hures-la-Parade
Other cultural site
4 rue de l'Estrangladou - Lézan
04 66 83 19 57
The history of the Museum of Dolls & Teddies

In 1985 and 1986 Ulla-Maija Suonpää, founder of the museum, saw beautiful collections of dolls and teddies in the museums of Paris and London.

Since that day, she has begun to make and collect them, as well as other old toys and childhood memories. It is now a collection of 2,500 articles (from the 18th century to the present) which is presented at the Museum of Dolls & Teddy bears of Lézan in the Midi since the year 2000.

In 2001 was created the association of the Museum of Dolls and Teddy (law 1901) non-profit to manage the museum.

The first objective is to preserve the heritage : to make the museum of dolls and teddy bears live : conservation, restoration, recovery, research and documentation, old traditions, cultural or family roots etc… 2500 Objects are 2500 stories to tell !

The second objective is to conserve nature, promote recycling. Give the objects a second life. The collection is like a patchwork of memories. In this society of consumption and waste, we want to raise awareness and make the public aware of respect for our environment and nature.

The 3rd objective is to enhance craftsmanship and support creativity by setting up exhibitions, events, meetings, handicrafts, training courses and exchanges.

The fourth objective is to promote "Friendship without Frontiers" through cultural and linguistic exchanges, themed outings, correspondence…

The 5th objective : "The Different Worlds of Children" (cultural, social…) : charity, solidarity and therapy ; The rights of the child - human rights.

The 6th objective : The project of the edition of the book.

2 Place de l'Enclos - Lézan

The Lezan Library reminds you that it is open even on school holidays (except in August) on Wednesdays and Fridays afternoon. It has acquired new products, moreover the library of Nimes has just renewed for six months its stock of books.

Welcome to all faithful and new readers.

Other cultural site
161 chemin du Trinquier - Lézan
06 84 78 03 82

Located in Lézan in the Gard, the Léz'Art Théâtre opened its doors in 2010. It is administered by the association 1901 "Léz'Art Théâtre".

From the outside, the Léz'Art Theater resembles a villa gardoise but it is a "real" theater, properly equipped and equipped with a beautiful scenic space.

The Léz'Art Théâtre is used mainly by the company "l'Embellie" (association law 1901), but the theater also regularly hosts outdoor companies for live shows, residences, videos capturing…

Other cultural site
Chateau de Tornac - Tornac

Information : Chemin du Castellas, 30140 Tornac

The castle of Tornac (11th and 12th centuries) overlooks the right bank of the Gardon d'Anduze in a strategic location that allowed it to protect the entrance to Anduze and the Cevennes. It offers an exceptional panoramic view over Anduze and the vineyards of Tornac which includes about 200 hectares cultivated in "organic farming" to produce organic wines with a growing reputation.

Other cultural site
Route départementale 50 - Mialet
04 66 43 39 04

The bonsaï

In the cévennes gardoises, on a terraced ground with trees, under the cool shade of pines and holm oaks, you can admire an exceptional collection of 90 outdoor bonsai, made up of autochthonous species (28 species - conifers and hardwoods), The fruit of 25 years of work, experience and love of trees. Among other things, you will discover one of the most important collections of pine and yew trees in Europe over 100 years old.

Miniature animals

Come with family to discover and have an affectionate and privileged contact with our adorable miniature animals :

Donkeys, horses, mules, goats, sheep, rabbits, ornamental chickens, pigs, zebu, cows, alpacas, etc.)

Other cultural site
42 rue du Clocher - Saint-Christol-lez-Alès
04 66 60 88 10

In the heart of an old village with narrow alleys, part of the old outbuildings of the central castle of the town, built in the 17th century, of country stone, has been restored in a perfect way to serve as a showcase for a complete collection On writing.

An exceptional comfort : a car and bus parking within 100 meters, all tours are guided by audio guide in French and English, museum that has obtained the label tourisme handicap all categories (engines, mentally impaired and hearing impaired) In 2003 with renewal in 2009 and the quality label South of France, quality tourism in 2011.

Photos and videos allowed, possibility of picnic on the spot, drinks, specialized shop and very busy on the tools and materials of writing and calligraphy.

Other cultural site
2396, Chemin des Sports - Alès
06 42 74 30 13

The birth of the garden

Camelliaannes 1930 : Jean Ignal exercises the profession of market gardener at the place "La Prairie Sud" in Alès. He planted in his kitchen garden his first plan of camellia received as a gift from his former employer who runs a colonial counter.

Against all expectations, this first plant originating in Asia will thrive vigorously.

Encouraged by these unexpected results, Jean Ignal goes for several years to lay, sow, and multiply with passion. He made contact with horticulturists in Nantes, to whom he bought a large number of varieties, particularly at the nursery of the Sisters Guichard, which later became the "Claude Thoby nurseries".

Thus a beautiful garden will emerge, a rare and unique place where camellias, having found a land of welcome, prosper and reproduce naturally.

1980s : his daughter Madeleine and her son-in-law Jean-Claude Peyrot will continue the work of this precious heritage and introduce newer varieties and new species (reticulata, sasanquas, etc.).

These trees grow and constitute a collection of middle age from 50 to 60 years old, the oldest being nearly 100 years old and of size varying from 5 to 15 meters of height.

By the 1970s, Bernard Pical had a privileged relationship with Jean Ignal, animated by the same passion.

In 2004, invited by his children, he rediscovered the garden and falls under the charm of this botanical case, now established, rich of collections and varietal diversity.

He decides to reveal this treasure by opening it to the public.

He invites Alain Stervinou, an eminent Breton camelophile, to discover him who will describe this collection of camellias as "rare and historic".

Today : Bernard Pical, who is none other than Bernard le Jardinier, a man of passion and a recognized professional in horticulture, is committed with his team to perpetuate this high place of collection plant and to present it to camelophiles and Passionate botanists of rare plants as well as garden-loving neophytes.

Climate - the terroir

Our friends in Brittany say that the camellias only like humid atmosphere at the edge of the ocean…

Why then do they grow as well in the Prairie under the warm southern sun at Alès, at the foot of the Cevennes mountains of Gard ?

The terroir : the Prairie is an alluvial plain where deposits of the Gardon have been deposited for centuries, which rises in the high Cévennes and waters the basin of Alès, during its numerous floods and floods. These silts originate from the erosion of schistous massifs crossed by the Gardon. They are acid, light and very permeable.

At the gates of Alès, the Prairie was once planted with chestnut trees, which for 700 years deposited layers of humus making the silt extremely fertile.

The sunshine : is also an element favorable to the good flowering of the camellia.

Thanks to the exceptional sunshine of the region, a large number of flowers produce fruits whose seeds naturally resemble, giving birth every year to new rare and exceptional camellias cultivars. A wonderful gift from nature.

However, too direct sunlight can damage the foliage. This is why large trees have been introduced in the park, such as magnolias, maples… to provide a light and protective shade.

Other cultural site
Square Pablo Néruda, Place Barbusse - Alès
04 66 52 52 64

Every year, from September to July, the Cratère welcomes more than 80,000 spectators for its shows that are largely open to artistic expressions. Theater, dance, music, circus and street arts are privileged, giving priority to contemporary creation, with a policy of residences and partnerships.

With a room of 885 places and a plateau of 21 meters of opening very professionally equipped, the Crater has a powerful tool which underwent a major renovation and extension between 2003 and 2005. A second Room of 190 places has been arranged. Works that make it possible to place the national scene of Alès among the very first cultural poles in the region as much by its capacity, as its quality.

The public, which is 94% of the population, is well beyond the borders of the Alps (18% of spectators come from Nîmes, 15% from Uzès, 11% from Bagnols-sur-Cèze) and the filling rate is close to 90% each year.

The street arts are one of the spearheads of the Crater : with Crater Surfaces in early July, more than 120 artists of all nationalities invade the streets of Alès for three days and present their shows free to an audience waiting for this meeting You recognized nationally.

Other cultural site
L'ermitage - Alès

The summit of the Hermitage is accessible by the paved road. Besides the remarkable view over an extended region, one can freely visit the outside of the chapel. A panoramic viewpoint, with orientation tables, set up by the Alésian municipality in 1991, allows to situate the remarkable points of the agglomeration alésienne, the Cévennes and the Bas - Vivarais.

Archives of Alès

Preliminary note : The summit of the Hermitage is accessible by the paved road. Besides the remarkable view over an extended region, one can freely visit the outside of the chapel. A panoramic viewpoint, with orientation tables, set up by the Alésian municipality in 1991, allows to situate the remarkable points of the agglomeration alésienne, the Cévennes and the Bas - Vivarais.

Block of Jurassic limestone, extreme advanced of the Cévennes adjoining Ales, the Hermitage is located from far away, indicated by its sanctuary. The visit, starting from this climax will allow as we go down its slopes to go up the course of time.

The chapel

It was built in the 11th and 12th centuries by the Augustinian canons and was then called Saint Julien des Causses.

The apse (opposite the town of Alès) is of epoch ; The interior is vaulted, with very sober lines.

The building, ruined after the religious wars, was restored in 1736 (see lapidary inscription on the left when entering the courtyard).

The current sanctuary is the result of restorations, enlargements and additions made in 1871. It was consecrated at that time to Notre Dame des Mines, in connection with the industrial development of the basin of Alès.

The archaeological area

In the first century bc a Gallic tribe, dependent on the Archeomic Volkes, whose capital was Nimes, established a shelter (the oppidum) on the slopes of the Hermitage, and a small agglomeration devoted to a certain commercial activity.

Remains of huts dug in the hillsides and staggered by terraces according to a certain urban plan have been uncovered. Some dwellings were rough ; Others more elaborate indicate a predominant Roman influence (walls covered with lime and painted, mosaic floors, gutters, tiles). The preserved and managed bases of this habitat are seen by browsing the private properties Clément and Benoit. Gallic coins of bronze (from Nîmes, Marseille, Arvernes, etc.), iron or bronze objects, countless ceramic shards, remains of wine amphoras, testify to the intense activity of the village On the hill, just before our era.

Later burials (7th century ad) are found in this older habitat.

Above, we can see an important fragment of the Gallic rampart built in enormous blocks (cyclopean apparatus). This rampart lies, quite impressive, below the access road to the summit.

The Prehistoric Cave (Bonnaud Cave)

It shows the work of underground water (stalactites, superior galleries).

Large animals (cave hyena, bear, deer, bison, lion and panther) have left impressive bones and teeth.

Some flint-like flints testify to the passage of prehistoric humans, contemporaneous with these animals (before and during the last ice age, between 80,000 and 30,000 bc).

The material discovered during the authorized excavations was deposited at the Museum of the Colombier in Alès.

Classification of historical monuments (27 October 1980) : Portion of oppidum in plots No. 198 ; 224 and 225 ; 241 ; 409 and 410, place "L'Ermitage", ec section of the cadastre.

These vestiges are visible today at the Colombier Museum. The Taisson Trail provides an opportunity to pass through these sites. The booklet, Randoland is at your disposal for a family walk in the tourist office of Alès.

Other cultural site
Domaine du Moulin de Portal route de Saint-Césaire de Gauzignan - Martignargues
04 66 83 24 52

The mill Paradis is lost amidst vineyards and olive trees, with a magnificent view of the massive Cevennes… an enchanting setting and a place of olive oil.

Rustic, traditional, with a strong character… this olive oil of the region of Uzès in the Gard and a small jewelry that will make you discover or rediscover the flavors of the olive oils of yesteryear. And how not to succumb to the invitation to the trip that offers its name…

Other cultural site
Musée de la Soie, Place du 8 mai 1945 - Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort
04 30 67 26 94

Development of sericulture in the Cévennes :

In 1852, more than 60 French departments produced cocoons but more than half came from the Cévennes. There are many reasons for this : - Good climatic conditions for the mulberry tree, - The region, which is very poor and without intensive agriculture, gives the possibility to put all the arms available during the period of 30 to 35 days needed to rearing the worm Silk, - The activity that can be carried out within the family unit, not requiring a large investment, is a source of cash.

The region will also benefit from two resource persons, Olivier de Serres and François Traucat.

Olivier de Serres (1539 -1619) is from a Protestant family in the Ardèche. "The gathering of silk by the food of the worms that make it" of his treatise on agronomy, "The Theater of Agriculture and Mesnage of the Fields" will attract the attention of King Henry iv.

Francois Traucat, a gardener from Nîmes, had four million mulberry trees planted in Provence and Languedoc from 1554 to 1606.

However, it is the freezing of chestnut and olive trees in 1709 which is going to be at the origin of an explosion of the plantation of mulberry trees, this tree contrary to the two previous ones having a rapid growth. In 1752, the granting of a premium of 24 sols for each foot of planted wall will reinforce this trend. In 1809, the prefect of Gard counted 1,140,680 muriers and 4,713,000 in 1831.

"From a disinherited and ungrateful country, these are the Cévennes which have become a land of prosperity by the magic of a tree" (Clavairolle), especially since the rise of sericulture brings with it the secondary operations of silk and will give work to Many inhabitants.

However, as elsewhere, the successive crises shake the Cevennes even if they do not really have a substitution activity, they resist better than the other regions. They accounted for 86% of the national sericulture production in 1938 compared with 51% thirty years earlier. However, activity continues to decline and the last spinning mill ceases its activity in 1965 in Saint Jean du Gard. In 1968, the state suspended its aids which sign the death order of the French sericulture.

In 1977, a revival of the Cévennes sericulture was attempted with the creation of A.D.S. Cévennes (Association for the Development of Sericulture in the Cévennes). In 1978, the A.D.S. Cévennes launches its first sericultural campaign for the production of cocoons, at an interdepartmental level. Thirty-six educators from the Hérault, the Gard, the Lozere, the Drôme and the Ardèche produced a ton and a half of cocoons that year. Since the raw silk produced in the Cévennes region is too expensive for silks imported from China, in 1980 it will create its own consumption structure (the sica) : it will transform and market local production, Thus controlling the entire silk chain, from mulberry to fabric. However, its activity will remain weak in the face of Asian mastodons.

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La maison du mineur - La Grand-Combe
04 66 34 28 93

The museum is located in the former mining sink and presents the work of a miner. It is located near the former Ricard well at La Grand'Combe.

The visit begins with the building of the washbasins where the miners showered each time they leave the workstation. 1800 baskets numbered and assigned to each minor, in which they stored their clothes, were hoisted to the ceiling.

The washbasin is now used as a collection room.

The visit continues on the old tile towards the engine room where from the panoramic footbridge you can see the drum on which the cables of the extraction machine, which is unique in Europe, are wound.

The well of the Ricard well allowed the descent of the cages up to 801 meters of depth.

Around the Well Ricard, one can discover the Recipe building, located under the headstock. This is the cage stop level that allowed staff to enter and exit the cage, evacuate and load equipment and sedans.

The Maison du Mineur offers an exceptional overview of the surface facilities of the Cévennes coal production.

Guided tours in French.

Audioguides available in English.

Hours 2016

Closed on mondays

From 1 March to 31 May and from 1 September to 20 December : 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm, Sundays and public holidays : from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm (except May 1 and November 11)

From 1 June to 31 August : 9 am to 12 noon and 2 : 30 pm to 6 pm, Sundays and public holidays from 2 : 30 pm to 6 : 30 pm

Last Activity : 45 minutes ago

Other cultural site
Musée 1900 - Arpaillargues-et-Aureillac
04 66 22 58 64

Located in the Gard department, in the heart of the

South of France, between Provence and Camargue,

The museum 1900 has been installed for more than 35 years on the

Town of Arpaillargues, 3 km from Uzès and 15 mn from the Pont du Gard.

Amazing !

By the number and the diversity of the 3500 authentic objects, presented on more than 1300 m ² of exhibition, in a decor of ancient streets.

Pedagogic !

For the historical, technical and heritage interest of its collections, which testify to the French artisanal and industrial production of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Unusual !

By the discovery of rare and exceptional machines invented by our ancestors who were overflowing with imagination.

Playful !

The provision of old toys for children.

By reconstructed scenes, evoking the everyday life of the time.

Through the interactivity of videos and machines in operation.

Other cultural site
Arènes de Nîmes - Nîmes
04 66 21 82 56

The arenas of Nimes are a Roman amphitheater built towards the end of the first century in the French town of Nimes, in the Gard.

The construction of the building begins around 90 bc or a little later because of its level of architectural perfection. Its function is then to entertain the population of the settlement of Nemausus. During the Great Invasions, it transformed into a fortified village where the population took refuge, then it constituted from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century a district with its streets and shops. In the nineteenth century, the monument was cleared and then converted into an arena in 1863. Today, it hosts twenty or so battles and camargue races each year and various cultural events (concerts, historical reenactments, Pégoulade…). Apart from these events, the building is open for visits throughout the year.

This amphitheater is undoubtedly, at least by the general appearance of its façade, having preserved its coronation attic with its columns and 60 arcades at each level, its system of internal public circulation almost intact and a large part of its tiers And restored in the nineteenth century), the best preserved in the world. It is, however, not yet a unesco world Heritage Site, unlike its neighbor of Arles, although less well preserved.

The arenas of Nîmes are classified as historic monuments by the list of 1840

Other cultural site
Les jardins de la fontaine - Nîmes
04 66 58 38 00

Decorated with vases and statues, the Jardins de la Fontaine are among the first public gardens in Europe. They were created in the 18th century on the ancient site of the Source which integrates the Tour Magne and the Temple of Diana.

In the 18th century, the embellishments of Nîmes were numerous, but the great work of this period was the creation of the Jardins de la Fontaine by Jacques-Philippe Mareschal, military engineer of the king, amply seconded by the Nîmes architect Pierre Dardailhon. Work to regulate the flow of water from the spring is at the origin of the discovery of a Roman site abandoned since the Middle Ages.

Even today, the Jardins de la Fontaine are the favorite walk of the Nîmes.

Other cultural site
Les Bouillens - Vergèze
04 66 87 61 01

Environment of extraordinary experience ?

come to visit the perrier museum !

You secretly dream to see the source of perrier ? The place where each year some 1.4 billion bottles are ready to make you sparkle ? Well you're lucky, the perrier museum opens its doors for a new season !

Start by visiting the sparkling source with a guide who will reveal all the secrets to you, before familiarizing yourself with the history of perrier since its origins. For more than 150 years, men have believed in their dreams, and have succeeded one another to build the legend perrier : Granier and hydrotherapy, Doctor Perrier and the first development of the bottling, the gentleman Harmsworth and the expansion The visionary Leven and the development of an industrial empire up to the present production and the protection of the environment under nestlé.. The perrier museum is the unique and moving testimony of this formidable epic.

But be careful, that's not all ! You will also experience a unique immersive experience in the bottling plant… on a large screen in 3D relief. Extraordinary you are told ! To recover from your emotions, explore the magnificent park and discover its many surprises : its pond, its plant sculptures and other wonders that will delight your followers on instagram. If the desire takes you, you will have the opportunity to picnic in the space laid out within the park.

Finally, end your visit in beauty by going to the shop perrier, to bring home some exclusive Extraordinary items !

Other cultural site
Quai Colbert - Le Grau-du-Roi

Fishing port in the soul

The soul of the Grau du Roi is its fishing port located in the heart of the resort. The first inhabitants settled around 1850 on the banks of the Grau were sinners. Throughout the ages the houses settled on each side of the port. Time is up. The soul has remained. The culture of fishing here is well established. The fishing port of Grau du Roi is the 2nd fishing port of the French Mediterranean.

Today, there are 25 trawlers that go out to sea during the day. They use a "bottom trawl" net to fish for whiting, sea bream, mackerel, monkfish, turbot… or the "pelagic" net for sardines and anchovies. The small fishing trades include small boats, pond fishers and tellins.

Not to be missed : the "Show Boat"

It is an activity in its own right to stroll along the quays of the port, as Hemingway did in 1927 with his young wife. The atmosphere remains typical, colorful and animated by the coming and going of trawlers and sales of fish in front of the boats. A picturesque spectacle punctuated by the openings of the rising bridge which allows the boats to pass and stops the pedestrians. The happy end of a typical day at the Grau du Roi is the return of the trawlers, around 17h, which arise seas such as Divas, crossing the channel as on a red carpet, escorted by their inseparable starlets of seagulls and Flashes of all fans crackle

Le Grau du Roi is also the 1st Port of Pleasure in Europe, with Port Camargue, a marina xxl

Located at equal distance from Corsica and the Balearics, Port Camargue, oriented North-North-West, is sheltered from all the winds and accessible in all time. It is the maritime point of convergence between North and South of Europe. 1st Marina of Europe, second in the world behind San Diego in the usa, Port Camargue is one with the Grau of the King. 5,000 boats are in year-round seats, including 2,761 in public harbor and 2,239 in marinas. 200 seats are reserved for the stopover. The Port covers 160 hectares, 10 km of pontoons and docks ! A real company managed by an autonomous Board. Port Camargue cultivates its leading position thanks to an offensive environmental policy and the quality of services, infrastructures, activities and activities offered to boaters.

Other cultural site
Les tours et remparts d'aigues-mortes - Aigues-Mortes
04 66 53 61 55

First port of the kingdom of France on the Mediterranean, the city of Aigues-Mortes was built by King Louis in the 13th century. The Tower of Constance is one of the most majestic dungeons of medieval architecture. It served as a prison for the Templars and then for the Protestant Cévennes in the 18th century. The fortified city is today characterized by its exceptional level of conservation.

Other cultural site
Le salin d'Aigues-Mortes - Aigues-Mortes
04 66 73 40 24
An exceptional site in the Camargue

The Camargue, a site of predilection

Its mild winter, its hot summer and its lakes make the Salin d'Aigues-Mortes a wet area with inestimable inheritance. Second-most biological wealth in the world after tropical forests, wetlands play a major role in maintaining biodiversity.


Migratory birds are little disturbed in the vast expanses of Camargue. It is a large reservoir and breeding ground of prime importance to birds that inhabit them during spring and summer. The largest reserve of flamingos in Europe, discover a unique fauna : 200 species of birds, including 157 protected species.

Wilderness inheritance

The salting activity of the Aigues-Mortes saline has preserved thousands of hectares of natural areas on the Mediterranean coast, where an original ecosystem shelters an exceptional fauna and flora. This area maintained by the salt-makers allows the development of a rich and unique ecosystem.

The flora

The harvesting of salt on the salt for hundreds of years has favored a particular flora and specific to the salicultural environment. There are 208 plant species on the Aigues-Mortes site, including 20 protected species.

Other cultural site
Etangs des Caitives - Aigues-Mortes
04 66 77 24 72

The Camargue, a territory at the confluence of Gard and Bouches du Rhone, Languedoc and Provence, the Rhone and the Mediterranean. South of Arles, in the delta of the Rhone the Camargue covers a space of 150 000 hectares between sky, earth and sea. Covered with ponds and lagoons, it is a land of breeding of horses and bulls Live free in the midst of pink flamingos and hundreds of other animal species. Discovery of the guardian culture and its traditions, its cities with an exceptionally rich historical past, walking or horse riding between sea and ponds, tourist route, water activities or lazing on the beach, you will be spoiled for choice !

Sylvéréal is a hamlet of about twenty inhabitants which belongs to the French commune of Vauvert, in the Gard in Languedoc-Roussillon. It is located on the right bank of the Petit-Rhône, about twenty kilometers from Vauvert but paradoxically less than ten kilometers from the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer located in the Bouches-du-Rhone. Sylvéréal is a hamlet located in the Petite Camargue, in the middle of ponds and marshes and whose population lives at 98% of bull farming, fishing or harvesting of reeds.

Other cultural site
La grotte Dargilan - Meyrueis
04 6 45 60 20

New in 2017 : New lighting

The Dargilan cave is revealed under a new dynamic led lighting…

Enhance the natural colors of the pink cave by magnifying the feeling of discovery that its visit provides.

Technology at the service of the cavity.

The largest cave of the Causses and Cévènnes

(Classified as unesco world heritage)

The visit of the Grotto of Dargilan in Meyrueis in the south of the Lozère, captivated by its impressive dimensions and by the variety of its concretions with very accentuated natural colors.

This subterranean maze, revealed in 1888 by Edouard Alfred Martel and first set up in 1890, made Dargilan the first cave open to the public.

The Cave of Dargilan opens on the Causse Noir bordering the Gorges de la Jonte offering a unique panorama over the latter with, opposite, the steep walls of Causse Méjean.

A shady terrace allows you to savor the serenity of the landscape to the sound of flocks of sheep and the flight of vultures. The wish of the Conservatives is to preserve a simple and warm welcome.

"Go see Dargilan, even if you think you know the prettiest cavities in Europe"

E.a martel (founder of modern speleology)

"The theater I dreamed of"

Jean Cocteau

Musée des Poupées et Nounours
Other cultural site in Lézan
Blibliothèque Léz'Embouquinés
Library in Lézan
Other cultural site in Lézan
Le Chateau de Tornac
Other cultural site in Tornac
Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï
Other cultural site in Mialet
Le Musée du Scribe
Other cultural site in Saint-Christol-lez-Alès
Les Camellias de la Prairie
Other cultural site in Alès
Le Cratère Scène Nationale d'Alès
Other cultural site in Alès
Other cultural site in Alès
Moulin à Huile Paradis
Other cultural site in Martignargues
Musée de la Soie
Other cultural site in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort
La Maison du Mineur
Other cultural site in La Grand-Combe
Le Musée 1900
Other cultural site in Arpaillargues-et-Aureillac
Arènes de Nîmes
Other cultural site in Nîmes
Les Jardins de la Fontaines
Other cultural site in Nîmes
La Source Perrier
Other cultural site in Vergèze
Le Grau du Roi
Other cultural site in Le Grau-du-Roi
Les Tours et Remparts d'Aigues-Mortes
Other cultural site in Aigues-Mortes
Le Salin d'Aigues-Mortes
Other cultural site in Aigues-Mortes
La Petite Camargue
Other cultural site in Aigues-Mortes
La Grotte Dargilan
Other cultural site in Meyrueis
Amusement park
Chemin Puech Majou - Bagard
04 66 25 89 77

Adventure course on 3 ha of forest.

10 courses, more than 120 games : Tyrolean, Lianes Tarzan, Flying Seat, Tree Surf, "Fun" Tyrolean of 100 m long ! …

Mini-park (from 2 years old) : Route net, inflatable castle, trampoline

Children's trail (from 3 years) in line of continuous life.

Adults-adults trail : more than 2h30 of activities in the trees !

Course "black sensations" : chills for the most reckless !

"Le Grand Jaut" : a jump into the void at 10 m high (including 3 m of freefall) !

laser game in forest : a new activity "100% fun" on an area of ​​3000 m² in the middle of nature.

"aquabranche" : water games on the courses

Mini-Golf 10 holes

New "click-it" safety system, avoids the accidental uncoupling of the two carabiners at the same time, guaranteeing maximum safety in height.


From April to October : Wednesday, weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

July and August : every day from 9 am to 7 pm.


Adult : 20 €

Children : from 10 to 15 €

Mini-park : 5 €

Reduction Pass'Loisirs

On the spot

Refreshment booth, toilets, drinking water, shaded picnic areas, "water-cool" spaces, misters, "slack-line" challenges for tightrope walkers.

1639, Chemin des Sports - Alès
04 66 52 00 81
A young dynamic team at the controls of the Bowlers game, with disco every night !

From Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 1am

Friday and Saturday from 2pm to 1am

Sunday from 14h30 to 20h

Special evenings

From Monday to Friday from 14h to 19h, 2 parts + 1 conso : 10 €

Saturday and Sunday from 14h to 19h 2 parties + 1 conso : 13 €

Evening Tapas from Tuesday to Thursday, 1 part + 1 conso : 13 €

Evening Tapas Friday and Saturday, 1 part + 1 conso : 17 €

Chicken Bowl evening from Monday to Thursday, 3 parts + 1/4 chicken + fries : 16 € (reservation required)

Evening Chicken Bowl Friday and Saturday, 2 parts + 1/4 chicken + fries : 20 € (reservation required)

Possibility of organizing birthdays (under 16 years) : 2 parties + 1 conso + 1 part of cake : 10 €

Restaurant on site : from Monday to Saturday from 19 : 00 (daily sporting events broadcast)

Prices : starting from € 4 per game.

Opening times:

Monday: 02:00 PM – 00:00 AM
Tuesday: 12:00 AM – 00:00 AM
Wednesday: 12:00 AM – 00:00 AM
Thursday: 12:00 AM – 00:00 AM
Friday: 12:00 AM – 01:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 AM – 01:00 AM
Sunday: 02:30 PM – 00:00 AM

Amusement park
Le village des enfants chemin du puits Saint Martin - Montagnac
06 22 28 45 29


New Products

The scale in madness, The bar, the Ventr'y slips (for this summer)

Without Forgetting The Latest News

The Cinema 7 D Unique, come to Live the World Otherwise, the water games on 1000 m² (all the season), the beach for a guaranteed rafraichissement, the black track, a tobbogan of 30 m of length, Sensory, …

The project was born in 2007 and it was in January 2011 that we welcomed the first visitors to make you spend unforgettable moments for families and groups.

It is located on the edge in this charming little village of Montagnac in the Gard, in the Languedoc Roussillon region, perched on the heights of the beginning of the Cevennes at 184 meters above sea level. Its inhabitants are called Montagnacais and Montagnacaises.

Surrounded by the communes of Moulézan, Mauressargues and Montignargues, Montagnac is located 15 km north-west of Nîmes, 15 km south of Anduze 20 km south of Alès and 40 km north-east of Montpellier and To the east of Uzès and Avignon.

This leisure center is located on the outskirts of the departmental 907.

On a ground of more than 40000 m ², we await you in family to share fun and educational activities adapted to the children from 1 to 12 years in a natural environment and ecological, respectful of the environment.

You can discover the life of the animals with our mini pedagogic farm. The barnyard with chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peacocks, … the four legs with donkeys, lamas, pigs, rabbits, sheep, …, granary and ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas,.. As well as the high court with pigeons, goats, ponies, … + 200 animals will be delighted with your visit. Approaching, touching, observing animals is enriching for children.

The "civisme" program for skis or scooters allows the children to learn by having fun the road code thanks to the road signs and the routes that are proposed to them. They will gain confidence while learning to respect the other vehicles that surround them, respecting everyone and the rules. Not to mention the kart circuit.

For concentration and sportiness, we propose a mini golf course on stilts, unique in France with 18 holes and this, in full nature. The spirit of conviviality, small personal successes and competition. This moment shared with family or friends will entertain both young and old alike.

Different sensations with a sensory trajectory, to discover twenty different feelings barefoot with cold, warm, soft, spicy, …

How not to lose the north ? And you will discover it by going through the labyrinth that we hope will not make you lose your head. By here or there to you to decide, the important thing is to find the exit.

Not even afraid !!! And here are the adventurers who defy the adventure trail between difficult passages on logs, rocking beams, suspended ropes… and fears of the tunnel, the climbing wall, the zip-line… the children will apprehend their fears and uncertainties as well as The risk of danger. Attention, journey at your own risk !

The childhood place is suitable for the smallest children under 4 years, so that they discover our five chalets on the theme of the five senses. A motricity trail, a labyrinth, a games corner, reading, merry-go-round, old tacos and their garage, trampoline, inflatable structures… and many other surprises await them.

The plain of water is a place of discovery, experimentation, relaxation and fun for a guaranteed refreshment. On this historic plain of our region, one can realize the circuits of water, to get wet. 5 different circuits on the Gard department await you : the valley of Gardon, the Cévènnes, the fountain, the gold seeker, the milking cow, the Beach, … all on 1000 m² and not forgetting the misters.

A place very appreciated on hot days or you will appreciate the freshness and the walk in the middle of the bamboos. You will also find the sensations of the miners if you dare to enter the heart of the earth (mine of Alès).

The planisphere is a hexagonal of games and especially learning about our planet with borders, flags, populations and much more information about our good old land. Another way to approach geography !

Strong sensations with the rides such as the giant turnstile, the pedal carousel, the infernal tower 10 meters high, the black track (30 m long Canadian slide), …

Games to be spent like trampolines, inflatable structures, swings, slides.

To escape and invent stories in imaginary worlds, discover the wonderful world with miniature characters that will make you travel in different spaces and decors.

Another way to come to the Children's Village : Celebrate a birthday for children, a communion, a baptism, a wedding anniversary or any other unforgettable family events. Spend a business day, a school trip, a day of recreation center, specialized establishments, hospitals, … for a moment that will remain engraved in the memories.

We make a point of preserving this natural place, using all its resources and focusing on pedagogy. That is why you will discover an exhibition on the vegetation of our region and we have implemented various approaches such as dry toilets, natural sanitation, selective sorting, our cups and straws are recycled paper and cardboard and Many other things that we want to put forward. A questionnaire to know and learn the wild animals that we can find on the site and its surroundings.

Have fun and respect the environment that surrounds us by spending the day in this unique place !

A relaxing Zen corner with sun loungers is at your disposal.

For lunch, we offer local products with a picnic basket where you can taste sausage, pâté, cheese, fruits, biscuits, … produced by craftsmen. Snacks, ice creams, cakes, hot and fresh drinks… will also delight your taste buds.

To welcome you a free and shaded parking is at your disposal

Amusement park
Le Roucan, route de Mialet (D50) - Générargues
06 79 85 99 78

In the Cévennes, in the heart of the Mialet valley, in a sunny meander of the river, the Voyageurs des Arbres®, meet for a stroll of branches in branches.

This unique forest, bordering a beach of fine sand and pebbles polished by time, is composed of different species of trees.

To continue the adventure by staying on the ground : many natures activities are to be discovered in family : labyrinth, giant games, water games, vegetable garden and garden perfume, nature trail, hut village, Zen atmosphere, corner hammock… in summer, you do not forget your towel and swimsuit to enjoy the joys of swimming in the river.

In the spring, we discover the giant games or reserve a treasure hunt tailored.

In autumn, chestnuts are collected to cook and eat on the spot !

Canyoning, canoeing and treasure hunting by reservation.

Amusement park
Le Moina thoiras - Anduze
04 66 85 04 71
abracadabranche course in the trees…

On an enchanting site on the banks of the river.

Come and discover an original and acrobatic nature…

From the terraces to the banks of the Salindrenque, move from tree to tree in a playful and sporting way.

Fill up with sensations and emotions…

Adventure trail in the trees…

Take the height in the Cevennes and come to discover with family and friends an exceptional natural setting…

Amusement park
La Bouscarasse - Serviers-la-Baume
04 66 22 50 25
Welcome to the park of al Bouscarasse !!

In the heart of the Gard department, 15 minutes from the Pont du Gard and 5 minutes from Uzès, the first Duchy of France, the Bouscarasse is a thick forest, in the heart of which was created a water park with a family vocation.

Amusement park
Parc Amazonia - Roquemaure
04 66 82 53 92

At the edge of the forest, you can follow the trail of the Mayan Temple…

Get yourself in the center of his mysterious labyrinth ! Cross the shifting sands at the end of a vine and embark on the river with crocodiles !

Challenge your parents on the monkey bridge !

You will be transported into the wonderful world of Adventure that you will live as a true explorer !

You will also participate in a 4x4 safari before coming to refresh yourself in the beneficent shade of our bar, restaurant, glacier…

Forest Parc
Amusement park in Bagard
Bowling Ales
Club in Alès
Le Village des Enfants
Amusement park in Montagnac
Parfum d'Aventure
Amusement park in Générargues
Amusement park in Anduze
La Bouscarasse
Amusement park in Serviers-la-Baume
Parc Amazonia
Amusement park in Roquemaure
Le royal day spa 381 chemin du stade - Vézénobres
04 30 38 14 26

In a privileged environment, on 180 m ²,

The Royal Day Spa offers a space entirely devoted to the serenity and well-being of body and mind.

A prestigious executive

The Royal Day Spa is an exceptional place for its beauty and comfort, and has been designed in harmony with its environment. The light is inviting in the relaxation room opened on the beautiful garden of 1 000 m ² integrating a spa.

The secrets of well-being

The Royal Day Spa offers prestigious services that will seduce and satisfy an upscale clientele. To regain well-being and serenity, a variety of comprehensive treatments are proposed.

6 Rue de la république - Alès
04 66 52 43 55

A universe dedicated to your well-being

A haven of peace in the heart of Alès, the Zenissens spa institute is a world of gentleness and rejuvenation that enchants the senses, a universe dedicated to relaxation and well-being in an oriental atmosphere.

Relaxation and relaxation

For your relaxation, Zenissens Institut spa offers you different spaces : reception lounge for tea or drink, hammam, relaxation area, massage rooms duo and solo…


The spa offers a wide range of services : facials, body treatments, aesthetics, gift certificates, with a constantly enriched care card and a team of attentive and competent professionals. For your comfort, we privatize the Hammam and Wellness Center, and we organize your events.

Organic products

Convinced of the power of plants on our health and well-being, our beauty institute has selected the best organic products for you. We work with major brands recognized for the naturalness and quality of their products.


Enhances and refines the whole body, Cellulite and orange peel, Water retention and heavy legs, Complete body drainage, Firming

Comfort and feeling of well-being

Makeup Semi Permanent

Permanent make-up (also known as permanent make-up or dermopigmentation) in a hair-coat method, a technique that allows long-lasting makeup to be carried out between 2 and 8 years.

This method involves the introduction of mineral or organic pigments at the edge of the dermis using a dermograph equipped with sterile needle and nozzle for single use, for a finer and ultra natural course.

Thermes les fumades - Allègre-les-Fumades
04 66 54 08 08
A station on a human scale

Located 15 kilometers from Alès, we are a small family resort, nestled in the heart of a park with trees.

Our small resort is sheltered from the winds and delights the large as well as the small.

Our team is attentive and perfectly trained.

We want to maintain a family atmosphere and serious at the same time.

Thermal water

The thermal water of the fumades baths, is very loaded with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) which is the form of the sulfur most assimilable by the organism. It is this particularity which, among other things, gives the water of the fumades its extraordinary efficiency !

The Gauls would have used the first source "Font-Pudente". Then the Roman soldiers would have sent to the fumades, their horses suffering from skin diseases.

Thanks to the results obtained, the patients came from the very distant Rome. Julius Cesare himself would have been the first of our famous curists.

Water reputed for its benefits

Sulphated, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphide (19 ° C at the emergence).

The waters of the fumades have a keratoplastic, keratinizing, cicatrizing and disinfectante action.

Thermal sulfur, combined with the complementary actions of calcium and magnesium, plays a significant role in the anti-infectious process of the respiratory tract and improves natural immune defenses.

Le Royal day spa
Spa in Vézénobres
Zenissens Institut
Spa in Alès
Thermes des Fumades les Bains
Spa in Allègre-les-Fumades
Other sport
3 rue des remparts - Lézan

A tennis court is available at Lézan in the park of the communal fireplace "Maurice Fossat" 3 rue des remparts.

  • Soil : bitumen
  • Dimensions : length 34 meters, width 16 meters.
  • Type : uncovered.
Other sport
Le cigalas - Attuech
04 66 02 91 61

The lake is located in the town of Massillargues-Attuech.

To get there :

Coming from nîmes (2x2voie) :

Exit at the Anduze exit and follow Anduze until you see the signs on the right before the panel Massillargues. Then follow the signs coming from Anduze or Saint-hippolyte of the fort.

Follow the road Nîmes, then crossed the vilage of Massillargues and on the left take the road of the lake.

It is a 4-hectare lake.

A parking lot awaits you in front of the pond,

Other sport
D106 - Ribaute-les-Tavernes

At the gates of the Cévennes, 10 minutes from Anduze, the Golf Club of Alès Ribaute offers a 6 holes course in a pleasant and shaded. Located at the edge of the Gardon since 1997 this one offers calm and relaxation.

A Practice is available with more than 20 seats, with a Pitch and Putt accessible to members and visitors.

A Pro shop on site offers everything you need and a refreshing bar is open all the time.

Other sport
Chemin de régordane - Vézénobres

This very ancient path was born long before the appearance of man after a north-south dislocation with plate throwing opened the passes and, in particular, the most important of them, that which south of Villefort Opens a passage at low altitude through a barrier of 60 kilometers of length formed by Mount Lozère and the link of the Mas de l'Aire.

The fault has been generating numerous sources that mark it. The first animals of the world instinctively borrowed it, from source to source, from collar to collar, in a spontaneous movement of transhumance.

The man followed the animals millennia later, creating a draille, a simple track. Some think, not without reason, that convoys of tin have borrowed it between the Phoenician ports of Saint-Valery-en-Caux, in Normandy, and Saint-Gilles.

The Romans probably followed it to carry the metals extracted on both sides in places dedicated to the god of commerce and industry, Mercury, Mercoirol, Mercouly. But it was not yet a major axis as it became in the Middle Ages, after the division of the Carolingian Empire which places the Rhone Valley in the Germanic Empire and makes Chemin de Régordane the easternest route of the Kingdom. It was at this period (12th-13th centuries) that the cargo was developed on account of the progress of the harness obtained when it was realized that it was by their weight that the animals (like man) And not, as can be read in school textbooks, because of the discovery of the shoulder traction that the Egyptians practiced in the time of Tutankhamun, fourteen centuries bc

Castle of PortesOn the road, you will trace the high plateau of the Thort, the Molette and the Garde-Guérin in Lozère. It is cut in the shale on the slopes of the Cèze valleys. In the villages, houses are built on vast warehouses, which open on the main street by ogive doors, of which there are vestiges at Genolhac in the Gard. Small vehicles with little more than 500 kilograms, because of the materials used to construct them, circulate there.

A song of gesture, the Charroi of Nimes, in the second half of the twelfth century, evokes this country of Regordane where there are "chariots and carts in profusion", chariots and cartridges to a planted plan (V.950).

If this is the case, it is in this period that the climate, similar to that which we know, is favorable to the growth of plants. Harvests are abundant and wealth is created that must circulate. It is a prosperous period that offers itself the luxury of building cathedrals that we would be hard pressed to sketch. Without the shale, carts at the track of 1.40 meters dig ruts by their passage a hundred times repeated, like those wooden clogs that end up using the stone from the threshold of the house.

But the climate changes in the fourteenth century and becomes cold and damp. Food is becoming scarce and the weakened population is halved by the plague, but the Hundred Years War is devastating the country. The wagon stops and the road deteriorates. The Chemin de Régordane no longer sees anything but convoys of mules, some of which, loaded with money or saffron, are robbed by the English Routiers.

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) It was not until the end of the seventeenth century and, no doubt, the King's attention to the Protestant Cévennes, that the Chemin de Régordane Resume life. The road is several times made, built, destroyed by runoff, repaired or even rebuilt because, in these mountains offered in the South, the storms of early autumn have early to pull the grave, the all-coming, Of which the roadway is then covered.

The Côte de Bayard, between Villefort and the Garde-Guérin, must be rebuilt every ten years. First, it rises vertically to the village of Bayard, all in laces, as a scale specifies the report of visit. In the middle of the eighteenth century, we abandoned this difficult road, for a completely new road that takes in the sash the slope that falls from the Cham Death : it is the old road that is still borrowed today, very dilapidated, with a Rest of pavement that some say "Roman" although it was laid under the 1st Empire !

Carts, narrower than those of the Middle Ages, copied from those of the Velay, roll again on the path of Regordane and dig ruts at the track of 1.20 meters.

During the 19th century, the current road was constructed, all curving (a short time ago, we counted 650 bends from Alès to Pradelles in the Haute-Loire) to soften the slopes and allow the horses to walk trotting pace. Our powerful cars have to adapt !

gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) Over time, the road moves. There are still fixed points, which can not be avoided. But between these, the road passes sometimes here, sometimes there. Like telephone wires that remain attached to isolators but swing in the wind.

However, this route was not merely a commercial artery. For centuries, it drains the pilgrims who, from the "north" descend to venerate the tomb of Saint Gilles in its Provençal abbey, south of Nimes. Medieval literature reveals the importance of this sanctuary and the place it occupies in this place designates it as the first pilgrimage of our country.

Saint Gilles is praised as the only saint who never fails in the one who invokes him with faith. It is therefore crowded in so many that money changers find their way. In Saint-Gilles, one finds also to embark towards Rome and Jerusalem, because it is a flourishing seaport, on the Petit Rhone, which will be dethroned only by Aigues-Mortes, after 1240, until Marseilles becomes French in the fifteenth century. If Saint-Gilles was a stage on a pilgrimage route, it is indeed on that of the Holy Land, much more than on that of Compostela because no one knows of Jacquaire who lingered on the tomb of the hermit To the doe.

Finally, this road has a name : it is the Way of Regordane (it is the expression by which it is designated in the old documents, the incorrect name of Voie Régordane - to make "Roman") appears only In the 20th century). It has the name of the country of Regordane which it crosses, just as the Path of Forez takes its name from the mountains which surround it. This country, and even that province -provincia of Regordana in 1323 in an act of the castle of Portes-, would correspond approximately to the territory that extends between the cities of Alès in the Cévennes, Chamborigaud, Pradelles and Largentière.

His name, akin to gord, gourd, frequent throughout our country, would designate a country of deep valleys which corresponds well to his physical reality. Also, the Chemin de Régordane is designated under this name, in the documents consulted, only between Luc and Alès.

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) This is the story of this prestigious road that can not be summarized in a few lines and will be found elsewhere. Today the road has been dormant for more than a hundred years, like Sleeping Beauty : has not Regordane also been a woman's name !

It is up to you to become its prince and to awaken it, follow it by being attentive to its vestiges, to the beauty of the landscapes that it crosses and which change as of the Puy en Velay to Ales, one loses in altitude.

Look out for the first chestnut trees under the Garde-Guérin, the holm oaks as you approach the valley of the Cèze, the first vineyards at Vielvic, the olive trees passing Mas-Dieu pass, and much more.

Be careful to read its vestiges, its ruts dug in the shale, its Coast Bayard whose dry stone retaining walls have been resisting for two centuries, with its bouteroues (the ancestors of our guardrails) and its beautiful remnants of paving.

So, take your stick, your bag and go to discover the Chemin de Régordane. Text prepared by Marcel Girault, July 2000

The Chemin de Régordane. Nîmes, Lacour, 3rd ed. 1988. - History enthusiasts will be able to read the author's thesis on this route (Tours, 1980).

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) The most interesting stretch of the Chemin de Régordane is between La Bastide-Puylaurent and Génolhac. To navigate this prestigious route without losing oneself, one can refer to the guide prepared by Marcel Girault, the Chemin de Régordane, Guide for pilgrims of Saint-Gilles, the Régourdiers and other walkers, from Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Gilles of the Gard. Nîmes, Lacour, 1998 : description of the itinerary, schematic maps and notes.

She has fallen asleep, or more precisely asleep… To go through it is to give it back its life because its vocation was the journey. That of the Arvern and Greek merchants. That of the knights, the pilgrims, the pedlars. Jugglers and troubadours. Route of wine, spices, simple salt like oil and cheeses. But also "strategic" route of the tin towards the Mediterranean. Frankish chivalry on the march against the buckwheat.

From the monk on pilgrimage to Saint Gilles and perhaps the Orient. A trail of stars in the milky way of travel that was the Middle Ages.

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) The trip of the priest Aulanier du Brignon on the Regordane Way in the 17th century.

16 november 1644 : early morning (departure) for the journey of Nism in Languedoc to say Pradelles where spelled 16 sols ; In Pranlas a picotine for my horse and snack : 5 sols 6 deniers and supper and bed in the Bastide, 23 sols.

17 November : Departure at dawn on the day of the Bastide, was sent to Villefort, in the house of the three kings, for 17 sols 6 deniers ; Snack and peck at Genolhac, 4 sols 6 deniers ; Supper and sleep at the Pradel at the dwelling called Fornier, despensé 19 sols 9 deniers.

18 november : from the Pradel at daybreak, Abbot Aulanier dines at Lee d'Alais, where he spends 23 sols 3 deniers for himself and his horse ; He made a snack and gave the oats to the Barraque de la Bitarelle where 9 sols 6 deniers were expended ; And finally he comes to supper and sleep at Nismes which costs him 25 sols 9 deniers including 2 sols at the port.

P. Grelet de la Deyte, at the end of the 17th century, made two journeys between Le Puy and Montperlier :

"Jey made two trips to the city of Montpellier. That is to say, in June of the year 1681, and the other in January, 1692. To go there we must pass from Puy to Bisac, Costerot, Sauvetat, Pradelles, Langonhe, Luc, Pranla, At Regletout, at the chapel of Saint Thomas, at the Tord, at the Molete, at the Garde Guerin, at Bayard, at Villefort, Viluy, Genoulhac, Chamber Rigau, Porte, Pradel, Maviau, Saint Martin, To the town of Allex, to the Tavern, where the Gardon River is to be passed, to Ladinghan, Crepian and the chapel, Soumiere, Formaingnhe, Pont Neuf and Montpellier. From here to Montpellier there are about 35 places. "

Payrard, J. B. Small vellavian ephemerides. 1889, Le Puy en Velay. "The book of reason of Louis Jouve" in Bulletin historical and scientific of Auvergne. Volume xxxiii, no. 603,1964.

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) She has fallen asleep, or more precisely asleep… To go through it is to give her life again because her vocation was Tracking. That of the Arvern and Greek merchants. That of the knights, the pilgrims, the pedlars. Jugglers and troubadours. Route of wine, spices, simple salt like oil and cheeses. But also "strategic" route of the tin towards the Mediterranean. Francois chivalry on the march against the Saracen. From the monk on pilgrimage to Saint-Gilles and perhaps the Orient. A path of stars in the Milky Way of the journey that was the Middle Ages.

To say of the Lozère that it is enclave is to want to ignore its history or at least to reduce it to the time of the railroads…

La Lozère, and even more its original province of Gévaudan, was not only landlocked until the middle of the 19th century, but even can be considered as a particularly strong area of ​​great crossings, confluences and roads Where kings, pedlars, monks, knights and merchants, herds and carts intersected intently. The motives of such a circulation were varied, entangled : religious, economic, military, pastoral ; Above all it was an essential and privileged zone of contact between a Mediterranean civilization (whether it was Greek, Roman or Arab) and a Nordic world, the mysterious countries of tin and dark forests, ruled by the Celto- Germanic languages.

Among the innumerable roads, paths, or streams which still traverse our province ; One is perhaps more particularly close to us : it is the Voie Régordane, a path which connected Nimes to Le Puy en Velay and to the Arverne country ; The Mediterranean to the barbarous world of Gaul, and even to the strange lands of Britain and Ireland.

The origin of this path is lost in the mists of time. Probably a way of transhumance natural and then pastoral in the prehistoric era, very soon it is enriched by a circulation of goods in the Roman era between the land of Arverne and that of the Volsques centered around Nemausus (Nimes) : wine for Weapons and jewelry ; Oil and salt against wheat and cheese… with the increase of taxiing, maintenance and enlargement of the road is organized… tolls and "protections" also because the country is unsafe And this circulation of wealth appeases ; Especially the oriental products (silks, spices) arrived by the port of Saint Gilles and going up to the famous fairs of Champagne.

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) Places of encounter, exchanges are formed. In the towns and villages that we know today : Génolhac, Langogne, La Bastide Puylaurent, Villefort, stages, shelters, warehouses of a trade that enriches the riparian populations. Fortresses also appear, such as the castle of Portes or the Garde-Guérin that protect (or frustrate) these economic but also cultural currents.

Because of course, the gr700 also becomes a pilgrimage route. If the Gites d'étape, the B & B, the Hotels or other inns flourish, places of worship also and its assortments of relics of which our Middle Ages has the delicious secret.

Just north, towards Le Puy en Velay, crosses the road to Santiago de Compostela. That of the Teutons, which drains all the North East of Europe towards the Marial Sanctuary of Puy en Velay. Carrefour for the Jacquets and other pilgrims who by the Régordane will offer a descent towards the great Monastery of Saint Gilles and its port to the many destinations.

Religious, tourist, cultural trail where ribaudes and feasting. The hoteliers of this period were already nursing the reception and were not ignorant of the animation… the warrior stories of the Crusades - and we know that towards the South and the South In Spain, the Crusades were largely anterior to the Crusaders, offering a support of dreams and stories to the long nights of the mythical Cévennes valleys.

You must follow the Voie Régordane, discover its ancestral paving, whether Roman or "françois". We must observe under the vegetation the ruts left in the rock by carts heavily loaded with mysterious commodities with uncertain fates ; Those large towns and porches which swallowed horses and mules, bales and pedlars at nightfall, to restore them in the morning in the sunny coolness of the colors. Rumors, smells…

Throughout our journey, we must follow the many traces left by our parents of this period, knowing how to read their worries, their hopes, their myths.

Guilhem at the cort Nes, Fierbrace is still there, present and the irons of his steed still resonate on the ancestral slab. He who borrowed the Regordane from Le Puy en Velay to take Nîmes from the Saracens. Felons who "to the true God do not believe in Mary". They deserve an exemplary punishment :

Vestent hauberz, lacent hiaumes gemez

Ceingnent espes a ponz d'or noielez

Climb the forests atrivez ;

In lor cops hang lor forz escus buckle,

And in lor spy the spies die.

From the vile springs and rebels and tightens

In front of the orifanbe worn

Straight on towards Nymes.

A tot dis mille of François well armed

Who was in battle afterwards…

By mijorez and wood overlap

By Ricordane, besides,

From si to Pui onques not s'arester…

Gr700 Hiking from Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Saint Gilles (Gard) Ten thousand knights on the Regordane ? The road has lived its hours of glory. Too much prosperity, joy would kill it ? A millennial history would sink into oblivion ? Like Merlin still alive in the depths of the lake, the Regordane sinks gently into the waters of oblivion.

From the end of the fourteenth century, when the war of one hundred years left our territory too threatening for the benefit of Germany and Flanders. The Rhone valley and the free fairs of Lyon will definitely be due to its economic interest. Resurrected in the eighteenth century by the royal will, it fades again because its life is elsewhere. Nothing ? Ruins, brushwood. Paving, a path. It is here, it is there… But does it hold prisoners in its flanks sirens ? The music is there. Which remains.

Perfumes and bells never cease to tell countless legends. And disjointed pavements dull an old song. Wraps and eternal are its shores. And his mirages that lead nowhere except at the end of our dreams.

Chemin de Régordane or Voie régordane

Only the expression Chemin de Régordane is correct if one refers to the ancient forms that we have collected since the 12th : itinere publico regordane, iter publica regordane, strata publica regordane, grand camy de regordane, caminus Regordane, Chemin de Régordane. The poet Mistral, whose erudition has never been disputed, calls him camin regourdan. On the other hand, Regordane is the name of a region, a land, the very way of a province, which stretches from Alès to Pradelles and Largentière as we have shown elsewhere (Le Chemin de Régordane, Ed. Lacour, Nimes). Chemin de Régordane is the name given to the major axis that crosses the region of Régordane, as well as to the north Chemin de Forez designates the main road that crosses this region and further still Canal de Berry applies to the waterway Which serves this province. We note the preposition of which is used. The expression Regordane way which is widespread was retained only from the 19th century to give this road an unlikely Roman origin. We only noted this expression once, in the 18th century, tempered by its French translation, via regordia, vulgarly chemin de régordane. Moreover, this expression is used in the context of a polemic. By Marcel Girault

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Mas du Crès - Boisset-et-Gaujac
06 14 91 41 10

If the kingdom of the horse exists it is with us !!

At the door of the Cevennes.

The Cévennes is a privileged region for lovers of equestrian excursions.

Come and discover with horses our different circuits representative of a characteristic charm that mix intimately roughness and softness.

Located in Anduze, in a natural setting along the river (the Gardon).

All our horses have been chosen by us for their kindness, their ability to adapt to each of our riders… We have a cavalry heterrolyte by the races present : Arab, Selle French, Spanish, Quater horse, Castillon…

Throughout the year, they live in herds in the meadows, they form a homogeneous cavalry perfectly balanced, thus ensuring your tranquility and your safety.

All our hikes are accompanied by qualified people : 1 bpjeps equestrian tourism and 1 ate.

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9 Impasse des Lillas, Route de Montpellier - Saint-Christol-lez-Alès
04 66 60 84 39

Being well in one's body is possible in our fitness club.

Group fitness and fitness classes, as well as indoor cycling classes are offered.

A sports preparation with personalized program is set up by our team who accompanies you in the toning of your muscles.

For your health, do sports !


Monday : 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 9 pm

Tuesday : 9 am to 9 pm

Wednesday : 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 9 pm

Thursday, Friday : 9 am to 9 pm

Saturday : 9 am to 12 pm

Services and facilities


Air conditioning




Coach training

Sports nutrition

Cross Training

Cardio training

A physical training


Glutes abs


Sports Hall

Fitness center

Collective lesson

Personal sports coach

Nutritional advice

Practical information

Activities : Sport and leisure infrastructure, Sport club, Strength training room

Type of clientele : Individuals

Distributed Products : Dietary Products, Protein

Facilities : Sauna, uv cabin

Means and / or methods of payment : Cash, Check

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962b chemin de recoulin - Bambou-Canyon
06 50 47 65 00

It is at the beginning of this site and thanks to the shuttle of Bamboo Canyon made available to you, that will make transport to the different canyons.

Bamboo Canyon will also allow you after a welcome drink, to try the facilities provided by the structure for your aquatic activity. On the return of each expedition, we will establish a debriefing of the exit and we will offer you the photos of your canyon exit.

For safety reasons, the groups will be limited to 8 people on a voluntary basis with the instructor. The products offered will be above all a playful access to discover the canyoning rather than a sporting performance. The programs will remain accessible to all without experience. It will only be necessary to know how to swim and to be at least 8 years old.

Adapted equipment provided by Bambou Canyon to each participant registered for an outing :

  • Helmet
  • Combination
  • Socks
  • Harness
  • Bag

Equipment to be provided :

  • Good shoes of the type Sneakers / Rando
  • Swimsuit
  • What to hydrate you

… And of course a picnic for the day.

Anything that will remain dry will be stored in watertight cans at the bottom of the bag (kit).

Upon returning from each hike, the equipment will be washed and disinfected and a ppe check will be carried out.


Do not undergo a medical contraindication to the practice of canyoning. Any medical treatment must be reported at the time of registration.

If you wear eyeglasses or ophthalmic lenses, opt for eyeglasses with a lens, lenses may be lost when jumping into the water.

For minors wishing to participate in this activity, a parental authorization will be compulsory.

Bamboo Canyon and its instructor are covered by a professional liability insurance contract, but we recommend that you have your own liability insurance.

In case of cancellation of exits due to the climatic conditions deemed delicate by Bambou Canyon for the practice of the activity, we propose you a different canyon or the refund of the sums committed.

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20 Avenue Carnot - Alès

Information about the Wake Up Alès

Geographical location : The bi-pulleys is located in the town of Alès in the Gard department in Languedoc-Roussillon

Restaurants : You will find a restaurant and a bar on site

Accommodation : The ski lift is located in the city center of ales, where you will find hotels and bed and breakfast, many campsites are located on Anduze in about ten minutes

Other activities : The ski lift is located on Ales Plage you will find a protected swimming area, pedalos for hire and volleyball courts

Car parking : Free parking is on the right bank of the Gardon 100 m from the ski lift. Parking is available for a fee.

Dressing rooms : Toilets are located in the restaurant next to the ski lift

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7 rue viele - -Quissac
06 81 31 16 79

More than forty years spent on the rivers and streams of the Cevennes, in an exceptional environment, brought me to you to share my passion and introduce you to the various techniques I use to fish trout.

For the eighth year of guiding I propose to accompany you on rivers of first category renowned : Vis, Dourbie, Haut-Tarn.

The regulation of these rivers (no nursery) guarantees the authenticity of the fish.

The Hérault and the Gardons also offer good possibilities.

Their course in the second category is ideal for initiation, they have some good surprises for you.

In order to optimize the success of your internship, I carry out regular surveys on all the courses.

For the accompanists a myriad of visits is possible : Mont-Aigoual, Corniche of the Cévennes, circus of Navacelles, gorges of the Tarn…

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Rue Luois Mercoiret - Sauve

On the plateau of Coutach stands a last causse, a remarkable natural site. The geological phenomena have sculpted this relief giving it a lunar landscape aspect in a labyrinth of paths. Fantastic rocks stand in the middle of the vegetation. Science explains this phenomenon thus : carbonic acid (rain and wind) causes the carbonate of lime and magnesia to decalcify little by little, and it is the magnesia which, more resistant, forms these edges.

These dolines are filled with clayey soil, rich humus (terra rossa) which makes it suitable for cultivation. In the heart of the Sea of ​​Rocks lies the castle of Roquevaire surrounded by plots still delimited by walls of dry stones and some paths formerly muletier and carefully paved with pebbles. This abandoned site was cultivated until the middle of the 20th century and there are still traces of many orchards (cherry trees, peach trees, olive trees, vines, mulberry trees and hackberry trees that were the basis of the local economy).

The villagers had their mazets and facilities (cisterns…) to collect the rain water finding here the most favorable conditions for their culture. The heat accumulated in the rocks during the day was restored during the night, and these rocks were a natural shelter from the winds.

  • Do not leave alone.
  • Provide drinks in case of high heat
  • Monitor children, very cracked area
  • Do not leave the marked paths
  • Possibility of accompaniment with the tourist office
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Natur'ânes Hameau Le Luziers - Mialet
06 78 20 62 44

We are located in the heart of the valley of the gardon of Mialet, the walks of 1 hour and 2 hours leave the Rouvière, Donkeys house in the hamlet of Luziers. Along this route you will cross the Gardon and you will cross the Mas Soubeyran where is the Museum of the Desert (high place of Protestantism) by dirt roads lined with stone walls (faîsses), a loop that will make you admire the landscape Cevenol remained unchanged as formerly.

The hiking is done half day, day and over several days, you will pass by Mialet along the river "gardon" or bathing areas await you, you will return by the bridge Camisards and the hamlet of Paussan

Day trips can be done on Corbés by visiting an immense cave, or by Mialet, Uglas pass, the Puechs.

You will be given a topo guide with a 25/1000 card, the nights can be done in bivouac, lodging, yurt or bed and breakfast

Children can ride on donkeys or be saddled for hiking.

* Sulky ride for the elderly, young children or the disabled

* Stevenson Trail à la carte

* Accompanied walks (groups, families, etc…)

* Children's birthday

We are open all the year…

Holiday vouchers accepted

On site, accommodation in a yurt and chalet - gîte d'étape

Prices :

1h: 14 €

2h: 21 €

1/2 28 €

Day : 42 € and 39 € per additional day

Other sport
104 rue André Boulle - Alès
06 79 97 26 98

I am happy to welcome you to the Ceven Laser Game in Alès where a breathtaking atmosphere awaits you from the reception room.

A space of welcome of 150 m ² will allow you to relax and to have fun between each part.

The Laser Game d'Alès offers you 3 activities :

First of all, a labyrinth of 300 m ² on 3 levels.

Let yourself be surprised by our labyrinth at once obscure and confusing, consisting of 3 levels, tunnels, fluorescent lights of all kinds.

Your goal will be to simply hit your opponents with the latest generation gun, avoiding being disabled by other players.

Team or solo, come and play Ceven Laser Game.

Thanks to the numerous game scenarios available to you, you will choose to play with precision or speed.

Then, a new activity, unique in the region : the Raid Laser : course of the fighter version lasers… It is up to you to prove your flexibility, your agility, and your strategy to leave the course safely without touching the lasers. The game declines 3 levels of difficulty : easy, medium, difficult.

It's up to you to prove yourself.

The reception area allows you to quench your thirst after or between each game.

Come play with friends, family, celebrate your birthday, bury your life as a bachelor, ce, seminar…

A private corner is at your disposal to organize all your events.

Other sport
Vallon de Fontanes - Alès
A geographical location favorable to your development

Located at 5 minutes from the city center of Alès, the 90 hectares of the Mechanical Center welcomed more than 6000 m² of workshops for over 15 years. Six circuits, including a reversible speed (unique in Europe) with a 600 m acceleration line, are suitable for industrial rolling trials, leisure activities and high level sports competitions.

Other sport
Parapente seynes - Seynes
04 86 87 04 40

Welcome to paragliding south ! School of Paragliding

A baptism of the air : an unforgettable moment !

Presentation of the school

Laurent Geoffray, the head of the school has been flying since 1988. Since then, he has never ceased to be passionate about this activity. In 1992, he set up the sign Parapente Sud. The structure will propose paragliding flights from 1997 onwards. In 1999, the school opens its doors with a constantly growing number of pupils. In Seynes, the school is well established in local life. The village of 130 inhabitants is placed at the feet of Mont Bouquet, where the main take-off zones are located. From the summit of Mont Bouquet you can enjoy, on the east, the view of the Alps, to the south, the sea, to the west, the Cévennes, and to the north, the Ardèche mountains.

Access to school :

The small village of Seynes is located in the south of France, between the Cévennes mountains, the Rhone valley and the Nimes plain.

Recent news…

ParapenteSud, a school created by passion…

Paragliding is the simplest aircraft that can exist… fabric, lines, a harness and hop ! It flies. Indeed, paragliding is not so simple : while being very accessible, the activity requires a real pilot training.

Weather, aerology, aerial regulation, take-off, theft, landing… these are all these various and varied factors that it is necessary to acquire to fly.

Paragliding South is labeled by the French Federation of Free Flight, declared and approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Other sport
Lampades - Saint-Étienne-Vallée-Française
Cep collection in Cevennes country :

Where to find the ceps ? This is the taboo issue ! Every researcher in his corner… that he does not reveal to anyone.

At the end of summer, when the leaves begin to scorch when the chestnuts come to the point of their bugs, when the steaming takes place on the windows, when the mornings smell of autumn, The picking of ceps.

Picking mushrooms is one of the great pleasures of autumn, when the climatic conditions (sun and moisture) were favorable to the growth of mushrooms, the Cevennes massifs are very frequented by the gatherers.

The mushroom picking is also a delightful pretext to venture into this fabulous Cévennes forest and offer time for long walks.


Other sport
3, rue Cité Foulc - Nîmes
04 66 36 96 30

Discover the Camargue, explore the Cévennes, go through the garrigues, the gorges of the Gardon and the Cèze, follow the footsteps of the Celts, Romans, Camisards…

The Gard department offers more than 9,000 km of marked and maintained hiking routes.

Whether you are a family, a backpack, a backpacker, a frequent flyer or an accompanying person, everyone will surely find the right formula for them !

Other sport
3 Chemin du Gardon - Collias
04 66 22 85 54
The Pont du Gard seen in another way:

Secrets Gorges du Gardon The river, of rare limpidity, quietly follows its course between two bluish cliffs from where the song of the cicadas escapes, incessantly. There, the South "nature" offers a grandiose setting for your holiday.

This corner, formerly inhabited and today rendered to its wild state, is breathtaking beauty.

Leave for a moment your boat to discover its many prehistoric caves.

Bathe in fresh, clear water. Relax on its shady beaches.

Paradise can not taste better...

Other sport
Catamaran Picardie ii - Le Grau-du-Roi
06 62 37 87 03

The Catamaran Picardie ii is above all a sumptuous frame where you can imagine a thousand and one possibilities

The crew will receive you with all the elegance you need.

At sea you can relax or work serenely in a singular environment, your terrace will be the Mediterranean Sea.

The company Catamaran Picardie innovates and presents the Picardie ii, a catamaran longer and wider than its predecessor, Picardie, which will allow you to sail in calm and tranquility. If you want to stroll or enjoy a game of fishing at the Grau du Roi in the Gard, do not hesitate, the Picardie ii will meet all your expectations !

• Half-day fishing

• Day fishing in privatization groups

Jérôme, the captain is a professional fisherman at Grau du Roi. He knows perfectly the bottoms and fish of the area. It is the ideal guide for a successful fishing party.

• Equipment and bait provided (sardines, worms or baits).

• A bar area is available to fully enjoy your outing (chocolate, coffee, cold drinks…).

* Attention, unsecured plug

Fishing locations

Close to shipwrecks, rocky or sandy bottoms.


• 3D Sonar

• Fishfinder

• Radar, gps, vhf

Other sport
Chemin de Stevenson - Ales
04 66 45 86 31

On the way to Robert Louis Stevenson, you can accompany you in the preparation of your adventure. You will find on this site the necessary practical information.

A main itinerary of the Massif Central, 272 km from Puy-en-Velay to Alès… 4 departments crossed : Haute-Loire, Ardèche, Lozère, Gard.

Alone, in group, with a donkey, bicycle or horse, come to discover the path taken by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878, become the gr®70..

Other sport
Cirque des Baumes - La Malène
06 87 17 12 12

The 107

The extreme elastic jump 107 m of free fall

How can you resist the call of emptiness, the adrenaline rush that invades you ?

Earn your fear and join us on the flight area for a unique experience in the world !

Jumping cliff : 107 m of free fall !

As soon as you arrive at the jumping area, you are taken care of by a member of the team who gives you the first instructions and prepares you with harness and legs and accompanies you on the console where you are expected by the technical team Which gives you the latest guidelines. The elastic is adjusted to your weight.

The jump takes place parallel to the cliff, the orientation of the starting board leaves no other choice.

Access> 20 mn

Access is via a marked footpath that follows the bank of the right bank Tarn and leads you to the path to the jumping area.

This path is secured and marked, it ascends through the point of weakness after the cliff bar upstream and follows an old route.


Safety is optimal on site : the jump area and the trail have been optimized to guarantee maximum safety.

Safety meets the current Afnor Standards.

Supervision is provided by experienced professionals.

The arrival

Once stabilized, you have descended on the reception area, right bank of the Tarn, at the base of the starting point of the bungee jump.

You are picked up by a member of our team, who takes the equipment out and takes you to the Landing.

Other sport in Lézan
Pêche et Promenade au lac d'Attuech
Other sport in Attuech
Golf Club de Ribaute-les-Tavernes
Other sport in Ribaute-les-Tavernes
Le Chemin de Régordane
Other sport in Vézénobres
Les Chevaux de Saint Jean
Other sport in Boisset-et-Gaujac
Other sport in Saint-Christol-lez-Alès
Bambou Canyon
Other sport in Bambou-Canyon
Other sport in Alès
Guide Pêche en Cévennes
Other sport in -Quissac
Rando à la mer des Rocher
Other sport in Sauve
Other sport in Mialet
Ceven Laser Game
Other sport in Alès
Pôle Mécanique Alés-Cévennes
Other sport in Alès
Parapente Seynes
Other sport in Seynes
Cueillette de Cèpes en Cévennes
Other sport in Saint-Étienne-Vallée-Française
La Randonnée à Pied Dans le Gard
Other sport in Nîmes
Rando Canoé-Kayak Pont du Gard
Other sport in Collias
Catamaran Picardie ll
Other sport in Le Grau-du-Roi
Le Chemin de Stevenson
Other sport in Ales
Elastic Natural Bungee le 107
Other sport in La Malène
Cash machine
3 Plan de Brie - Anduze
04 66 40 52 01

Best Distributors of Automatic Tickets in Anduze, Languedoc-Roussillon.

Crédit Agricole Anduze
Cash machine in Anduze
Post office
Place de l'enclos - Lézan
04 66 83 00 70
Post office in Lézan
Other administrative service
7 Avenue de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 83 00 25
The town hall of Lézan welcomes you on

It is a privileged meeting place for the inhabitants of Lézan and the people of Lézanne. This site allows us to communicate and discuss the present and the future, the choices, actions and projects of the commune.

Showcase of our village, it announces the events to come, recounts the highlights and allows to cultivate the good living together.

Toolbox, you will find useful information about everyday life, contacts with the associations of the village, the life of the school and the leisure center, administrative forms...

The whole municipal team joins me to wish you good navigation!

Eric Torreilles, Mayor of Lézan

Tourist office
2 plan de Brie - Anduze

Located on the nerve center of the city center of Anduze, the tourist information office is lively, informative and accessible to all. The staff will be there to help you organize your stay (accommodation, food…), to guide you towards a walk, hiking or a place to stroll. You will also find information about the splendid natural sites, the unusual museums and the picturesque villages. Mountains, caves, rivers, here, nature is startling !

Anduze is also the cement of camisard revolts and creative arts. You will find in the tourist information office the brochure on the Route du Vase d'Anduze as well as a connection to download the mobile application dedicated to this local heritage.

A high historical and cultural place, just leaned on the door of the Cevennes.

Tourist office
Les Terrasses du Château - Vézénobres
04 66 83 62 02
Tourist office
11, Avenue du Onze Novembre - Quissac
04 66 77 11 48
Opening times:

Monday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 03:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 03:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 03:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Thursday: Fermé
Friday: Fermé
Saturday: Fermé
Sunday: Fermé

Tourist office
26, Rue des Boisseliers - Sauve
04 66 77 57 51
Tourist office
Place de l'Hôtel de ville - Alès
04 66 52 32 15
Opening times:

Monday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Thursday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Friday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Sunday: Fermé

Other administrative service in Lézan
Office de Tourisme d'Anduze
Tourist office in Anduze
Cévennes Tourisme - Bureau de Vézénobres
Tourist office in Vézénobres
Office de Tourisme Intercommunal du Piémont Cévenol
Tourist office in Quissac
Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Coutach-Vidourle Sauve
Tourist office in Sauve
Cévennes Tourisme - Bureau d'Alès
Tourist office in Alès
7 Avenue de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 60 42 86
offer flowers

A team of Artisan Florists welcomes you and advises you.

Quality flower at a very low price.

Originality, Creativity, Advice, Services.

Flower all the moments of life : Wedding, Mourning, Anniversary, Baptism or joy to offer flowery moments.

Many decoration items, to enhance your interior or to please.

9 avenue de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 55 38 13



08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


08 : 00 - 13 : 00

16 : 00 - 19 : 30


09 : 00 - 13 : 00

Brands distributed

75 avenue de la gare - Lézan
04 66 83 08 81
Geneviève, Paul and Jeremie Fossat

Will be happy to welcome you in their private cellar of Lézan in the Gard and to make you discover igp wines (Identity Geographic Protected) Cévennes. Come and meet us all year round (except Sundays and holidays), discover a region and its local products…

In Languedoc-Roussillon, in the Gard, in Lézan !

If Anduze is the gateway to the Cévennes, our hillsides are "Le parvis". Lézan is a small village located at the foot of these mountains, place of passage, crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Massif Central.

Discover the pleasure of wines and perfumes with the wines Rotonde Cavalier

Prestigious grape varieties or malicious blends

Created to accompany your moments of celebration and conviviality, Geneviève, Paul and Jérémie guarantee you the authenticity of their wines in the respect of the terroir that shapes them.

Allée de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 83 83 31

Your trader BigMat lezan bricolage materials in Lezan. Carpentry specialist, carpentry, roofing, insulation, tiling, tooling

3b allée de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 83 83 18

We offer daily press, magazines, bimbeloterie, sweets, drinks, tobacco, games of the fdj…

But also gas bottles, photocopies, batteries…

3 D allée de la gare - Lézan
04 66 43 04 64

We offer fresh fruits and vegetables every day of the year.

We make fruit baskets for all occasions, parties, anniversaries.

If you would like a particular order, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to bring you satisfaction.

100 route d'alés - Lézan
04 66 83 00 56

Patrick shares with you the technical explanations of quality wine production, organic farming and without sulphite added, for a true digestibility. Visit of the vineyards commented, from the cellar to the floor and tasting in the cellar.

Route des Cévennes - Lézan
04 66 61 63 44

Founded at the end of the 80s by Vincent Bimar and Roland Zobel, the Madeleine pottery is today one of the most important in terms of production of the Vase d 'Anduze.

At its creation, the challenge was to boost the image of the Vase by preserving the know-how and tradition of manufacturing. The strategy put in place and the mastery of the ancestral gestures made it possible to make known the Vase d'Anduze throughout the world by combining authenticity and modernity.

The Madeleine label is a "Living Heritage Company" and offers a wide selection of Anduze Vases of different sizes and colors, all made on site.

Vincent Bimar works today with his son Guillaume.

Together, they continue to develop the reputation of this family business on a national and international level.

1 route de la Plaine - Massillargues-Attuech
04 66 61 81 64

The wine cellar of the Vintners of the Porte des Cévennes is located in the town of Massillargues-Atuech. Renovated and extended in the spring of 2013, our team welcomes you throughout the year. We make it a place of life around the wine through different events.

The vault being adjoining the aging cellar of the Cartagena, we organize exhibitions of art mainly from July to August.

the events
  • The organic soil festival takes place the week around May 8th to taste the new vintage of our organic wines.
  • The peasant market is held from May to November in front of the cellar every Friday afternoon. It brings together small local producers located less than 30 km away.
Saturday mornings in July and August :

A producer of shellfish from Mèze offers moussclades and sardines cooked with vines. To consume on the spot in a musical atmosphere and accompanying the seafood with our dry white wines like our Chasan.

Ladie Fleurs Lézan
Shop in Lézan
Clbb - Superette Utile
Shop in Lézan
Cave Particulière Rotonde Cavalier
Shop in Lézan
Lézan Bricolage Matériaux big mat
Shop in Lézan
Tabac, Presse, Jeux, Bonbons
Shop in Lézan
Primeur de la Gare
Shop in Lézan
Cave Particulière Coste Longuière
Shop in Lézan
Poterie de la Madeleine
Shop in Lézan
Les Vignerons de la Porte des Cévennes
Shop in Massillargues-Attuech
Taxi rank
9 bis C, Avenue de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 83 86 12

Lezan'bulances, headed to this day by Erick Alain libourel, was founded in September 1998. It is therefore a company which enjoys a very long service.

Railway station
Railway station
1, Boulevard Sergent Triaire - Nîmes




Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday from 04 : 45 to 00 : 10

Saturday from 05 : 10 to 00 : 10

Sunday of 05 : 10 to 01 : 10

holidays holidays

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday from 05 : 10 to 01 : 10

08 25 83 00 03
Opening times:

Monday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 04:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Taxi rank in Lézan
Alès en Cevennes
Railway station in Alès
Gare Ferroviaire de Nîmes
Railway station in Nîmes
Aéroport Montpellier Méditerranée
Airport in Mauguio
Post offices
Chemin du Lavoir - Lézan
06 70 73 91 88
Opening times:

Monday: 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:15 PM
Saturday: 06:00 PM – 09:15 PM
Sunday: Fermé

1, Place du Portail d'Alès - Lézan
04 66 83 03 52
Opening times:

Monday: 12:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday: Fermé
Wednesday: Fermé
Thursday: 12:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

3b Allée de la Gare - Lézan
07 61 49 50 90

Come and taste our belgian specialties.

Check out our map. And most importantly, enjoy a menu offered at the end of the 10th menu purchased.

We deliver at home but we also like when you come to visit us.

You order and we arrive it is free to Lézan.

We are waiting for you in our Ch'nord chip shop (shops of the station in Lézan). We will be delighted to make you discover our Belgian specialties

13, Rue Auguste Béchard - Lédignan
04 66 54 90 06
Opening times:

Monday: 05:00 PM – 09:30 PM
Tuesday: 05:00 PM – 09:30 PM
Wednesday: Fermé
Thursday: 05:00 PM – 00:00 AM
Friday: 05:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Saturday: 05:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Sunday: 05:00 PM – 10:30 PM

10 Plan de Brie - Anduze
04 66 61 87 87

Welcome to Restaurant Pizzeria La Place

Our restaurant located in the heart of Anduze, opposite the Tourist Office, is open all year.

Our cuisine is inspired by the Cévennes and regional gastronomy and is made from local products, mainly from the producers' market.

The restaurant has a shaded terrace and an air-conditioned room.

After the meal you will be able to stroll in the picturesque alleys of our small real city door of the Cevennes.

Restaurant in Lézan
Les Secrets de Celine
Restaurant in Lézan
La Friterie du ch'Nord
Restaurant in Lézan
Chez Papa Pizza
Restaurant in Lédignan
Restaurant Pizzeria La Place
Restaurant in Anduze
2, Avenue du Pasteur Rollin - Anduze
10, Place de l'Abbaye - Alès
04 66 52 14 14
Opening times:

Monday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Sunday: Fermé

Bar le Glacier
Bar in Anduze
La Brûlerie
Café in Alès
2, Avenue de la Gare - Lézan
04 66 83 01 02
Opening times:

Monday: Fermé
Tuesday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Wednesday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Thursday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Friday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Saturday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Sunday: 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM

La Panière Gourmande
Bakery in Lézan
Takeaway meals
Terroirs des Cévennes La chataigneraie - Thoiras
04 66 85 15 26

In our shop, you are welcomed, all the year, by one of us, farmer or craftsman. Everyone will be pleased to guide you in discovering the know-how and the diversity of the products offered, both agricultural and craft. Our "gallery" space hosts temporary exhibitions of local artists throughout the year, allowing you to discover in a single place all the diversity of local creations.

Three days a week we are supported by our employee Isabel.

Once upon a time

In our opinion, the promotion of production takes on a very broad meaning, since it must link products to the country, to rurality. It is for us to work for a type of development in the Cévennes, which leaves plenty of room for small farms and crafts. A type of development in which tourism is diffuse and close to the inhabitants, where the spaces, while being alive, see their quality preserved

Terroirs des Cévennes
Takeaway meals in Thoiras
Takeaway meals
6, Rue du 8 Mai - Lézan
04 66 83 00 65
Opening times:

Monday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Thursday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Friday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: Fermé

5, Rue du 8 Mai - Lézan
04 66 83 40 39
5, Rue du 8 Mai - Lézan
04 66 83 40 39
5, Rue du 8 Mai - Lézan
04 66 83 06 22
5, Rue du 8 Mai - Lézan
04 66 83 00 08
273, Chemin du Carriol - Bagard
04 66 60 10 40
Pharmacie des Vignes Gard-Cévennes
Chemist in Lézan
Abric Matthieu
Dentist in Lézan
Camier Caroline
Dentist in Lézan
Moulayes Marcel
Doctor in Lézan
Bal Marc
Doctor in Lézan
Centre Hospitalier Alès-Cévennes
Hospital in Bagard
Town hall
7 avenue de la gare - Lézan
04 66 83 00 25
257 chemin de mas-oliviers - Lédignan
04 66 83 40 07
1, Rue Saint-Sébastien - Alès
04 66 78 14 22
Opening times:

Monday: Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday: Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday: Open 24 hours a day
Thursday: Open 24 hours a day
Friday: Open 24 hours a day
Saturday: Open 24 hours a day
Sunday: Open 24 hours a day

Mairie de Lézan
Town hall in Lézan
Gendarmerie de Lédignan
Police in Lédignan
Commissariat de Police
Police in Alès

Emergency Medical Assistance : 15
Police Emergency Service : 17
Fire Brigade : 18
Violences Femmes Info (helpline for female victims of violence) : 3919
European Emergency Service : 112

Public services

Departure of the gîtes before 10 hours.

Cleaning charge at the end of the stay : 60 € (optional)

The accommodation must be left clean and the cleaning done before departure. Otherwise, the cleaning fee will be charged to the deposit.

Take the Nîmes Ouest motorway :
  • At the roundabout in Lézan take the first right towards Nîmes.
  • Crossing Cardet and Maruejols les Gardons.
  • 4 km after taking the twice two lanes direction Nîmes.
  • Take the motorway Nîmes Ouest.

Nearest airports:
  • (53 km, 45 min)
  • (65 km, 58 min)
Nearest railway stations:
  • (16.4 km, 23 min)
  • (41 km, 43 min)
Nearest seaport:
  • (96 km, 1h18)


Following your stay in our holiday rental in Lézan near Anduze, I invite you to share your impressions by completing an appreciation on the following pages : ? Prop_id = 78000

Your experience is valuable to us, because it allows us to ensure the quality of our service at all times.

Very cordially,

Philippe Durand

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If you opt for Lézan, a small medieval village in the Cévennes foothills bordered by a river, you will be surprised by the originality and diversity of our country.

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