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Camping les Trois Sources
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Camping les Trois Sources
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Camping les Trois Sources
100 pitches & rentals
Camping les trois sources - 46190 Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Languages spoken:French, English, Spanish, Dutch
Latitude:44.9398520 ( N 44° 56’ 23” )
Longitude:2.0506590 ( E 2° 3’ 2” )
For rental
  • Wednesday and Saturday from 15h to 19h
for placements
  • Every day from 14h to 19h
In case of late arrival
  • Remember to prevent camping at + 33 5 65 33 03 01

Gps coordinates : Latitude = 44.9398520 (N 44 ° 56 '23 ") Longitude = 2.0506590 (E 2 ° 3' 2")

From North - Paris - West

Join the A20 motorway - direction Toulouse which is free between Vierzon and Brive.

Do not follow your gps for the last part of the journey.

Do not go through Tulle and the Gorge de la Cère, but go to Brive exit 52.

Leave the motorway A20 exit 52 after Brive : Noailles, Collonges-la-Rouge, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne and Saint-Céré ; it will remain 1h15 of road.

Cross Vayrac, Bretenoux, Saint-Céré, Sousceyrac (D673) straight towards Aurillac,

6 km after Sousceyrac turn left towards Calviac,

Take straight at the crossroads in Calviac, follow the direction Lamativie : after 2 km you have arrived after the bridge on the right at the campsite Les Trois Sources.

From East - Lyon - Clermont Ferrand

Join the A75 motorway towards Montpellier.

Leave the A75 motorway exit 23 : Aurillac, Massiac, Murat, The lioran.

Continue on the rn122 to Aurillac (watch out for speed cameras).

In Aurillac follow the direction Brive-Laroquebrou.

Cross Laroquebrou, Sioran. Do not follow your gps towards Lamativie, stay on the road until Calviac.

In Calviac turn right direction Lamativie : after 2 km you have arrived after the bridge on the right at the campsite Les Trois Sources.

From South - Toulouse

Avoid going through Figeac.

Join the A20 motorway towards Paris-Montauban

Leave the motorway A20 exit 56 Aurillac, Sarlat, Figeac, St. Cere, Gourdon, Gramat.

Cross Gramat, Saint-Céré, Sousceyrac (D673) straight towards Aurillac,

6 km after Sousceyrac turn left towards Calviac,

Take straight at the crossroads in Calviac, follow the direction Lamativie : after 2 km you have arrived after the bridge on the right at the campsite Les Trois Sources.

From the Southeast - Montpellier

Join the A75 motorway towards Millau Viaduct.

Leave the A75 motorway exit 42 : Séverac-le-Château Toulouse, Albi, Rodez.

Continue on the Rn88 until Rodez (beware of the radars).

In Rodez follow the direction Decazeville.

Cross Decazeville, Maurs, Le Rouget, Sousceyrac. Take the Aurillac direction.

6 km after Sousceyrac turn left towards Calviac,

Take straight at the crossroads in Calviac, follow the direction Lamativie : after 2 km you have arrived after the bridge on the right at the campsite Les Trois Sources.

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Contact details
Time slot
Itinerary and transport
Plan of the establishment
opening time
  • From 14h to 23h45
Opening time
  • From 18: 30 to 21: 30
Theme evening
  • Tuesday evening burger from 19h
  • Friday evening fried mussels at 19: 30

No snack at themed parties. Carried possible before the evening.

opening time
  • from 08: 15 to 12: 00
  • bread and pastries: under reservation the day before for the next day.
  • sale of fruit, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts and products of first necessity…
  • sale of local products.
  • sale of coffee pod for the bar.
schedule of animations
  • the animations with stars on the planning are to be reserved. For other animations go directly to the activity.
  • these spaces are self-service
  • the children are on the watch his parents
  • observe the safety instructions and the pictograms.
swimming pool
  • opening hours from 10h to 19h30
  • unsupervised swimming pool, children are under the supervision of parents
  • observe the hygiene instructions

_ do not eat, drink and smoke in the pool

_ do not bring objects from outside (buoy and balloon…)

  • observe the safety instructions at the toboggan
fishing and recreational pond
  • unsupervised space, children are under the supervision of parents
  • Observe safety instructions
  • ventrigliss opening hours from 13h to 19h30
  • lifejackets and oars are available at reception

  • these spaces are self-service
  • the children are on the watch his parents
  • observe the safety instructions and the pictograms.
swimming pool
  • opening hours from 10h to 19h30
  • unsupervised swimming pool, children are under the supervision of parents
  • observe the hygiene instructions

_ do not eat, drink and smoke in the pool

_ do not bring objects from outside (buoy and balloon…)

  • observe the safety instructions at the toboggan
fishing and recreational pond
  • unsupervised space, children are under the supervision of parents
  • Observe safety instructions
  • ventrigliss opening hours from 13h to 19h30
  • lifejackets and oars are available at reception
respect of the highway code
  • the traffic speed of 10 km / h
  • flow direction
  • Wearing a helmet for children on bicycles is mandatory

Warning: the campsite is a public place, so the rules of the road apply.

security and evacuation plan

selective sorting
  • the selective sorting is obligatory even during the holidays :

_ green bin for recyclable waste

_ "glass recup" container for glass

_ brown or black bin for other wastes

_ food waste : Possibility of giving it directly to the animals or put in the bin provided for this purpose


Bulky waste should not be placed in the sorting bin. (ex : tent, chairs, table, appliances, barbecue…). They must be placed in the trailer on the side.

WIFI free at the meeting area
  • network: camping3sources gratiut
  • login: 3SOURCES
  • Mdp / password: free8
Pay Wifi in the campsite
  • price for 1 device

1 day = 5 €

7 days = 15 €

15 days = 26 €

  • ticket for sale at the reception
Entertainment and nights out
Outdoor leisure activities
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Rubbish and recycling bins
There are no planned activities on site at the moment.

The market is held on Sunday mornings.

In July, Lamativie offers outdoor screenings.

Fireworks and a popular dance are organized for the national holiday on July 14th.

There are no events nearby available at the moment.
Activities on site
Local events
Events nearby
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Tourist site
Tourist site
6, Rue des Tanneurs - Laroquebrou
04 71 46 00 48

Ancient city castrale, and city of first bridge on the Cère, the city developed from the Xth to the XVth century.

Long active center of pottery, tannery and shoemaking, the city stretches along the river Cère, at the entrance of the gorges that spans a bridge of the thirteenth century.

Our Lady of the Rock (copy of Our Lady of Fourvière in Lyon) and the medieval castle overlook the narrow streets lined with picturesque houses.

Influenced by the architecture of the Lot and Quercy, the medieval city was an important route for pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela. The Gothic church is classified Historical Monuments.

Tourist site
Tourist site
D245 - Sénaillac-Latronquière
05 65 40 31 26
diverse activities

Sandy beach, playground for children, picnic areas, petanque and beach volleyball, hiking and mountain biking trails, fishing (2nd category), water slide…

Tourist site
The beautiful Mercadial square, the old houses, the Saint-Laurent towers

The medieval town of Saint-Céré has successfully preserved its architectural heritage, with its old houses, its mansions and its beautiful Mercadial square featuring a fountain and surrounded by beautiful timber-framed stone residences. The River Bave, which crosses the city, bring an additional charm to the place. Near the old town of Saint-Céré stand the towers of Saint-Laurent, remains of the former castle of the Turenne viscounts. Saint-Laurent-les-Tours boasts today the Jean Lurçat workshop museum, a place entirely devoted to the works of the artist, from tapestry to cartoons through painting.

In July and August, the city of Saint-Céré hosts a classical and operatic music festival.

Tourist site
An impressive medieval site perched on a rocky overhang, at the heart of the Maronne gorges
05 55 28 22 31

Perched proudly on a rocky overhang 30 metres above a meander of the Maronne, the majestic and spectacular town of Merle reveals itself amid the green forests of Xaintrie. Nestling in a wild and unspoilt setting not far from the village of Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle, this gem of medieval architecture really has plenty to keep lovers of old buildings happy.

The remains of old fortified houses erected between the 11th and 15th century by several families of lords, the Towers of Merle are now a listed Historic Monument and form a most impressive castrum!

Open to visitors from April to November, the fortress town will take you back to the Middle Ages, surrounded by countryside, on a craggy site where the Lords of Merle, Veyrac, Carbonnières and Pesteils used to live. As you explore the area, you can of course discover the fortified square and its superb viewpoints, but also visit a reconstructed peasant farm, a medieval garden and a pleasant park planted with fruit trees. In the reception village, within the Madège house, a scale model of the castrum awaits you, as well as an exhibition about the history of this amazing medieval city.

In July and August, nocturnal guided tours, fun tours, creative workshops for children, nature walks and medieval activities such as knight shows, equestrian performances, falconry, archery and forge demonstrations, are all on offer to visitors.

Tourist site
Wild gorges, reservoirs, wooded riverbanks and picturesque medieval towns are among the attractions to discover in this green land!

An integral part of the famous Dordogne river basin, which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the upper valley of the Dordogne stretches from Bort-les-Orgues to Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne in Corrèze, and will enchant lovers of landscapes and old buildings with its wild gorges, reservoirs, wooded riverbanks and typical old towns! There are many marked paths where you can hike, or ride a horse or mountain bike through green, hilly beauty spots.

Keen photographers will be delighted by the panoramic viewpoints at the Busatier Rock in Marcillac-la-Croisille and Gratte-Bruyère in Sérandon, which both offer a spectacular view of the Dordogne's wild gorges. Designated picnic areas also make it a very pleasant place for a snack.

When it comes to water sports, you'll be spoilt for choice: swimming, fishing, pedalo, sailing, water skiing and boat cruises on Lake Bort-les-Orgues; canoe-kayak in the Upper Dordogne gorges. Between April and the end of October, you can also opt for a trip in a kind of barge known as a gabare, a traditional boat that was once used to transport goods. These picturesque guided outings can be enjoyed near Argentat and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, on the tranquil waters of the Dordogne. Barge cruises are also available on the Chastang dam reservoir, departing from the old bargemen's village of Spontour, for a pleasant boat ride in the middle of the gorges.

When it comes to built heritage, the upper valley of the Dordogne has plenty to offer, as evidenced by the charming medieval towns of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne and Argentat, both nestling on the banks of the peaceful river.

Fans of industrial tourism? Guided tours are organised at Chastang dam, 11 km from Argentat in the municipality of Servières-le-Château. At the foot of the hydropower structure is an information area where you can learn all about the skills involved in hydropower generation and understand the importance of this form of renewable energy. As you explore the Dordogne gorges, you will have an opportunity to see other impressive dams like those of L'Aigle or Marèges.

Tourist site
A gem in the upper valley of the Dordogne

Amongst the treasures of the upper valley of the Dordogne is Beaulieu, a charming medieval town to the south of Corrèze. Nestling on the shores of the peaceful Dordogne, its romantic shores over a nice place for a walk. Just next to the river is the picturesque Chapel of the Penitents and its delightful bell-gable with five bays, which visitors can admire. A particularly photogenic place that is certain to enchant lovers of waterside strolls…

The walk to explore the heritage of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne then continues over in the old town, the centre of which is accessible via that Chapel gate or St. Catherine's gate. Lined by old houses, the typical cobbled streets huddle around an old Benedictine abbey founded in the 9th century by the Archbishop of Bourges, Rodolphe de Turenne, of which the majestic Church of St. Peter remains today. So take the time to admire the abbey church's south gate, its splendid sculpted tympanum from the 12th-century is a true gem of Romanesque art! Also worth a look is the abbey's treasure, on display in the north transept, which contains a magnificent Virgin and Child from the 12th century.

Facing the church's west gate on Place de la Bridolle, the Renaissance house reveals its most beautiful attributes, with its superb façade decorated with statues and medallions. Open to visitors, this lavish home is a listed Historic Monument and invites you to experience how daily life used to be for the Beaulieu aristocracy.

Red berry-lovers, be sure not to miss the famous strawberry festival that takes place in the town's streets on the second weekend in May every year! And to stock up on regional produce, head to the local farmers' market that takes place near the Chapel of the Penitents every Monday evening in July and August, starting from 5 pm.

From May to the end of October, visitors can enjoy a barge ride departing from Beaulieu. These picturesque guided trips are an opportunity to step back in time and explore the world of boating.

Tourist site
A medieval fortress

Built from the 12th to the 17th century on a hill overhanging various valleys, the Castelnau-Bretenoux fortified castle situated in Prudhomat is an imposing red stone medieval fortress boasting a keep and ramparts. The castle and its furnished interiors are open to visitors.

Tourist site
A picturesque small town on the banks of the Dordogne

A typical small town in the upper valley of the Dordogne, Argentat reveals its many attractions along the famous River Espérance. The place known as the bargemen's capital made the most of its strategic location on the banks of the Dordogne, near the borders of several regions, in order to develop the wood trade with the help of the famous barges known as gabares, traditional flat-bottomed boats that left the town laden with goods. The reminder of a time when the town flourished, the Lestourgie dock is where many barges used to be berthed and is now a most pleasant place to enjoy a walk. As you stroll along this iconic spot in Argentat, you will not only be able to appreciate the charms of the peaceful river, but also admire some pretty houses with thackstone roofs and wooden balconies. A lovely view of the Lestourgie dock and its picturesque façades also awaits you from the bridge over the Dordogne!

At the Heritage Centre (Maison du Patrimoine) on Avenue Gilbert Dillange, there is a museum area where you can learn about local history through archaeological remains, coins and medieval furniture. A documentary about the history of boating and barge-building techniques, as well as a temporary exhibition gallery, round off an enjoyable visit.

At the locality of Graffeuille, in the direction of the Chastang dam, there are guided boat trips from April to the end of October, departing from the pier at the Sablier dam lake, so you can relive the incredible era of the bargemen!

Tourist site
The biggest artificial lake in Auvergne!

Lake Saint-Étienne-Cantalès is the biggest artificial lake in Auvergne, providing a reservoir for the waters of the Cère thanks to the dam of the same name, in the municipalities of Saint-Gérons and Saint-Étienne-Cantalès. Covering 562 hectares, its shores are varied in appearance: jagged and steep in places, sandy or rocky. There are peninsulas, two of which, the Rénac and Espinet peninsulas, are connected by a 124-metre-long rope bridge.

The well-stocked Lake Saint-Étienne-Cantalès is a popular fishing destination. It was one of the first places in France to offer vertical fishing for zander, and is a refuge for several types of predatory fish.

The lake's wooded, hilly surroundings offer visitors a haven of peace and tranquillity for country walks. Thanks to the landscaped beaches and leisure centres, they can also enjoy water sports: swimming, pedalo, windsurfing, canoeing, catamaran, stand up paddle and more.

Tourist site
This beautiful village is located in a remarkable natural setting

The village of Autoire is nestled in an impressive cirque formed by high limestone cliffs. Small manor houses with turrets, delightful fountain surrounded by typical houses and river below contribute to the charm of this site. Near the village, a beautiful 33-metre high waterfall!

Tourist site
Tourist site
32, Arvouet - Saint-Médard-de-Presque
0565403201 / 0670538287

During the course, the visitor discovers an uninterrupted series of concretions of all shapes and colors varied highlighted by a modernized electric lighting over the years

Tourist site
Picturesque hilltop village overlooking the valleys of the Dordogne, the Bave and the Cère

Dominating several valleys, which are the Dordogne valley, the Bave valley and the Cère valley, the hilltop village of Loubressac forms a harmonious architectural whole its castle, its church and its old stone houses with very picturesque brown-tiled roofs. The village also offers to its visitors a magnificent view of the surrounding valleys.

Tourist site
A beautiful medieval village with old houses

Located in the Upper Quercy, to be precise in the Dordogne valley, the village of Carennac is listed as one of the most beautiful in France and indeed boasts numerous interests. Among the assets of this charming medieval village are the ancient typical stone houses, the 16th-century castle, the Saint-Pierre church of Romanesque style and its remarkable carved tympanum, and the cloister of the half-Romanesque half-Gothic priory, which is conducive to meditation. The chapter house of the priory is home to a statue of the Entombment of Christ dating from the 15th century.

Tourist site
A spectacular natural cave

Natural cavern of 33 metres in diameter and 75 metres deep, the Padirac chasm located on the Gramat Limestone plateau, formed when the roof collapsed. In the heart of this cavity, 103 metres below ground to be precise, flows a underground river. Visitors descend 75 metres via a lift or staircase and go to the end of a gallery where they board boats for the first leg of the guided tour by river. 500 metres further, the visitors continue the circuit on foot through a series of beautiful rooms: the Salle du Lac de la Pluie (Rain Lake) and the pendant-like Pendeloque (giant stalactite), the Salle des Grands Gours with a lake, and then the Salle du Grand Dôme with its impressive 94-metre-high ceiling. All these natural formations are awe-inspiring.

Tourist site
This picturesque Corrèze village will charm you with its medieval heritage!

Perched amid peaceful, green countryside along a rocky overhang, the medieval town of Curemonte has certainly earned the Most Beautiful Village of France label in many ways, with its old stone houses, Romanesque churches and majestic castles. The place that's also known as "the village of three" will charm you with its three churches, three castles, three calvaries and three fountains. A record for such a small village!

As you stroll along the picturesque streets, you can not only enjoy the delightful atmosphere of the place, where time seems to have stood still since the medieval era, but also admire some magnificent façades like those of the castles of Saint-Hilaire (14th century) with its square towers, La Johannie (14th) in a manor style, and Les Plas (16th) with round towers. On either side of the main square, you can take a look at the grain hall from the early 19th century and the Church of St. Bartholomew, topped by a bell-gable with three bays. Inside the church, you can see the remarkable painted wooden altarpiece dating back to 1672.

In the heights of the village, be sure to stop at the orientation table in order to enjoy the wonderful views over the roofs of Curemonte and the unspoilt landscape all around.

Tourist site
This beautiful unspoiled valley boasts many opportunities for visitors and canoeing lovers!

Great for discovering beautiful villages, the Dordogne valley in the Lot is also well-located for the practice of sports leisure activities, such as the fishing and kayaking. Ideal on this river, trips in canoes let you to discover the valley and its marvels from a different angle. Numerous sites lining the waters of the Dordogne are worth to be discovered, such as for example the small village of Gluges with its houses nestling at the foot of a rock face, and the photogenic Belcastel castle perched on its cliff. The village of Carennac listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France should not be missed.

Tourist site
A superb medieval village with red sandstone houses

The former fiefdom of the Counts of Turenne, the medieval village of Collonges-la-Rouge, nestling some twenty kilometres to the south of Brive-la-Gaillarde, surrounded by peaceful, green countryside planted with chestnut and walnut trees, will enchant you with its picturesque charm and its famous red sandstone.

From the old grain and wine hall built in the 16th century to the magnificent houses with thackstone and slate roofs, through the Flat Gate (Porte Plate) and the fortified church, you're sure to be won over by the beauty of this famous Corrèze town with its twenty-five towers. Lovers of beautiful stone buildings can enjoy a stroll along its pleasant streets lined with smart façades. A genuine journey through time, a walk around the village will not only show you the remarkable Church of St. Peter, with its splendid 12th-century tympanum carved out of white Turenne limestone and its imposing gabled Romanesque bell tower, but also some lavish 15th and 16th-century houses crowned with towers and turrets. Vassinhac castle with its elegant mullioned windows, the Ramade de Friac house flanked by two watchtowers, Benge castle with its machicolation remains and its graceful Renaissance window, or Maussac castle and its pretty doorway with a canopy are among the architectural treasures that you can admire on your walk.

In this place, officially listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, you can also visit the Chapel of the Penitents, which dates from the early 15th century, or the picturesque Mermaid House (Maison de la Sirène), which contains a small museum of popular arts and traditions with a reconstruction of a period interior.

Tourist site
Medieval town with a rich heritage

City of Art and History, Figeac is also a delightful medieval town. With a rich heritage, the old town is a lovely place for a stroll. The picturesque narrow streets lined by mansions with carved facades and timber-framed stone residences will definitely delight walkers. An essential place to visit on a trip round the historic centre, the beautiful Ecritures (Writings) square is home to the black granite contemporary artwork of Joseph Kosuth representing an immense reproduction of the Rosetta Stone. For all those wishing to know more about writing, the Champollion museum offers a rich exhibition about the famous hieroglyphs decoder Jean-François Champollion, as well as the history of writing. The visit of Figeac continues with the ancient Monnaie mansion. This magnificent medieval residence of the 13th century is home to the Old Figeac museum, which allows to better know the history of the city through its mineral and coin collections. Finally, to take advantage of a beautiful panoramic view of the medieval town, take the direction of the viewpoint situated near the Notre-Dame-du-Puy church. From there, the view of the roofs of the old town is splendid!

Tourist site
An unspoilt spot popular with fishing fans

Located in Cantal, not far from Corrèze, in the municipalities of Pleaux and Arnac, this lovely artificial lake created along with the first dam on the River Maronne covers 410 hectares.

A paradise for fishing fans, Lake Enchanet also appeals to lovers of swimming and water sports, thanks to its landscaped beaches surrounded by beautiful greenery, including a campsite and a holiday village for waterside breaks!

Surrounded by spruce trees, this unspoilt Natura 2000-listed site is also ideal for horse rides and hikes in the Maronne gorges next to the lake.

At Lake Enchanet, a 2nd category fishing lake, the fishing season lasts all year and all techniques are allowed. Predatory fish and white fish are plentiful, to the delight of amateur fishermen!

Tourist site
The town with seven towers

Dominated by its seven towers, Martel is a medieval town boasting a rich architectural heritage. Its mansions, such as the Raymondie mansion and its bell tower, its charming old residences, its Gothic church, its covered market hall on the main square and its pleasant narrow streets make it a must when visiting the Quercy.

Tourist site
The sacred town

Sacred town and important pilgrimage site, the village of Rocamadour is perched on the side of a limestone cliff and towers majestically over the Alzou canyon. What a wild and unspoiled environment! Famous for its sanctuaries and more especially for its Black Virgin, Rocamadour attracts every year a large number of visitors and pilgrims. Moreover, the village of Rocamadour is the second most visited attraction in France after Mont-Saint-Michel! Having climbed 216 stairs of the main staircase leading to the church square, pilgrims and walkers discover the seven sanctuaries of Rocamadour, among which the Notre-Dame chapel, the Saint-Sauveur basilica and the Saint-Michel chapel. Unmissable, the Notre-Dame chapel or miracles chapel contains a statue of the Black Virgin dating from the 12th century. Near this chapel is Saint-Amadour's tomb. The former popes' palace, whose entrance is also situated on the square, is home to the Sacred Art museum and its collection of religious works from the town. From the top of the medieval village, or to be precise off the ramparts of the ancient fort, the view of all of Rocamadour, the Alzou canyon and the unspoiled landscapes surroundings the Regional Nature Park of the Quercy Limestone Plateaus is amazing.

In Rocamadour, walkers can also admire beautiful mineral concretions, as well as 20,000 year-old cave drawings during the visit of the Cave of Marvels (Grotte des Merveilles).

Tourist site
A charming medieval village in the Corrèze causse

A former viscountcy now registered on the list of the most beautiful villages in France, the town of Turenne has kept many traces of its rich medieval past: the 13th-century castle, the Seneschal's house, the Mauriolles door and the Canons' house are among the remarkable reminders of its history.

Lovers of old buildings can't fail to be thrilled by a walk around the village, along the steep, narrow streets lined with pretty houses that will lead you up to the majestic castle perched on top of the hill. The fiefdom of the Lords of Turenne, this historic monument is open to any visitors wishing to explore its imposing remains. You are greeted by two high towers separated by a magnificently flowery garden: the Treasure tower, an old 14th-century keep housing a lovely guardroom with a pointed arch vault; and the Caesar tower, an old 13th-century watchtower which offers a superb view over the surrounding green countryside from the top of its spiral staircase.

Further down from the castle, you can discover the Capuchins' monastery chapel, now restored and used as an exhibition space, and the 17th-century Collegiate Church of Our Lady of St. Pantaleon, with its magnificent gilded wood altarpiece from 1678, 19th-century coloured windows and porch bell tower standing over 30 metres tall.

Located at the heart of the Corrèze causse on the Way of St. James, at the crossroads of the GR46 and the GR480, the village of Turenne is also the starting point or a waypoint for hikers.

Tourist site
A superb medieval village in Haute-Auvergne

Above the Maronne Valley, in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, lies Salers, once a magnificent medieval town and now listed among the most beautiful villages of France.

In the Middle Ages, the locality was protected by a rampart, as evidenced by the Belfry Gate and the Martille Gate, the only remaining parts of it. The 15th-century belfry, which was one of the four entrances to the city and is also known as the Clocktower, now overlooks a shopping street. At the end of the 15th century, Salers acquired the status of administrative centre of the Hautes-Montagnes d'Auvergne bailiwick. Bourgeois families settled there and had some beautiful buildings with turrets erected: the Bargues House, with its finely carved lava stone balcony; the Commander of Mossier's Renaissance house, known as the Templars' House, with its Gothic gallery and symbolic sculptures, which houses the Museum of Salers History and Popular Traditions; the La Ronade House, whose foundations date back to the 13th century; the Flogeac House and its turret with cut-off corners; the so-called Bailiwick House and its two corbelled towers; the Blaud-Lacombe House, the Bertrandy House or the so-called Templars' House… The civil architecture is characterised by black volcanic stone buildings, with flagstone roofs. Place Tyssandier-d'Escous looks like a real picture postcard, lined with Renaissance homes in the Haute-Auvergne style!

Salers also has a rich religious heritage: the Church of St. Matthew, a listed Historic Monument, contains some beautiful Aubusson tapestries from the 17th century, as well as a polychrome statue of the Burial of Jesus dating from 1495.

Not far from there, from the Barrouze esplanade, visitors will appreciate the magnificent views of the Mounts of Cantal, as well as the Maronne, Rat and Aspre valleys!

In the surrounding area, towards the Pas de Peyrol, be sure to stop by the Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto. A place of pilgrimage, the Neo-Byzantine building dates back to the 19th century.

Salers has a breed of cow named after it, the emblem of the region. It is also home to the famous Salers cheese: both are celebrated on Cow and Cheese Day in August. There is also a visitor attraction dedicated to the famous cheese: Les Burons du Salers, 3 kilometres from the village, on the Puy Mary road, where you can not only taste Salers cheese but also sample the Salers aperitif, made from gentian roots.

Tourist site
Lac du Tolerme
Tourist site
The beautiful Mercadial square, the old houses, the Saint-Laurent towers
The Towers of Merle
An impressive medieval site perched on a rocky overhang, at the heart of the Maronne gorges
The upper valley of the Dordogne
Wild gorges, reservoirs, wooded riverbanks and picturesque medieval towns are among the attractions to discover in this green land!
A gem in the upper valley of the Dordogne
The Castelnau-Bretenoux castle
A medieval fortress
A picturesque small town on the banks of the Dordogne
Lake Saint-Étienne-Cantalès
The biggest artificial lake in Auvergne!
This beautiful village is located in a remarkable natural setting
Les Grottes de Presque
Tourist site
Picturesque hilltop village overlooking the valleys of the Dordogne, the Bave and the Cère
A beautiful medieval village with old houses
The Padirac chasm
A spectacular natural cave
This picturesque Corrèze village will charm you with its medieval heritage!
The Dordogne valley
This beautiful unspoiled valley boasts many opportunities for visitors and canoeing lovers!
A superb medieval village with red sandstone houses
Medieval town with a rich heritage
Lake Enchanet
An unspoilt spot popular with fishing fans
The town with seven towers
The sacred town
A charming medieval village in the Corrèze causse
A superb medieval village in Haute-Auvergne
D14 - Gramat
05 65 38 81 22
Opening times:

Monday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Tuesday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Wednesday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Thursday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Friday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Saturday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM
Sunday: 09:30 AM – 07:00 PM

Puy Lombry - Martel
05 65 37 41 00

Europe's largest natural light show of live reptiles and one of the finest collections of venomous species in France

L'Hospitalet - Rocamadour
05 65 33 62 72

Enter the reserve and dive into the world of more than 150 Barbary Macaques in a forest of 20 ha

Amusement park
Le Marcayou - Rocamadour
06 19 39 18 00

Discover the heart of the Lot near the castle of Rocamadour three equestrian shows must.

Marcayou - Rocamadour
05 65 33 65 45

In front of your eyes for the educational discovery, and in the sky for the emotion, the birds offer you natural performances which will surprise you and amuse you. It is organized around a multitude of emblematic scenes: the acrobatics of the Milans, the fishing of the Eagles, the Vulture and its tool, the speed of the Falcon, the perches of Chimangos, "the walk of Dudule", and the unforgettable return high flight in dive. Both informative and fun, the introduction to the knowledge of raptors is the heart of the show which is commented live to make you live the magic of instantaneity.

Diurnal birds of prey are followed by parrots: Aras, Cockatoos, Amazons and Gray from Gabon. To see them fly freely will amaze you, this multicolored swirl will deploy its panel of color around and with you. You will discover their delicacy when they seize the seeds placed in the palm of your hands. You will also learn to recognize them to love them better. All our parrots are born in zoos, they are the ambassadors of their own species to convince you to protect their natural environment and save the forest.

Parc Animalier de Gramat
Zoo in Gramat
Zoo in Martel
La Foret des Singes
Zoo in Rocamadour
Parc Durandal
Amusement park in Rocamadour
Rocher des Aigles
Zoo in Rocamadour
Mazerat - Camps-Saint-Mathurin-Léobazel
05 55 28 50 09

The Equestrian Farm Mialaret welcomes you in a setting of nature and relaxation. In Limousin, south of Corrèze, the Equestrian Farm of Mialaret is located at the gates of Lot and Cantal, in a wooded and hilly region, rich of a typical heritage.

Ferme Équestre de Mialaret
Horse-riding in Camps-Saint-Mathurin-Léobazel
D25 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy

It is hard to imagine that these enigmatic and wild places crossed by the path were once animated by a heavy traffic of carts coming from Auvergne.

Lamativie - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy

Rural architecture, glassmakers, landscapes The circuit is an enchantment for the eyes because it combines the beauty of the rural architecture with that of the landscapes while leaving discover the testimonies of the history of the glass-makers of Cère.

The itinerary of this walk allows to discover the landscapes of Segala, edges of the Cantalian mountain, country of rye and chestnut. Cere and its tributaries have dug deep and wild gorges covered with forests, ideal place for the installation of glass furnaces that worked until the nineteenth century. Covered with moss, in ruins, one discovers still some ovens abandoned in the bottom of the gorges.

Comiac - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy

The trail is an opportunity to meet the touching testimonies of the small rural heritage, wells, bridges and crossroads.

The Cère Valley and its tributaries are home to an exceptionally rich river system. The presence of protected species such as the white-clawed crayfish or the wild brown trout testify to the heritage value of these environments. The color of the latter is variable depending on the habitat, it can go from a very dark dress under rocks or shaded streams to a lighter color for trout living in sunnier areas.

Place des condamines - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy

This path allows to discover the charms of the Ségala landscape. It mixes streams, undergrowth and lost hamlets where time seems to have stopped.

In the heart of the Lot Ségala Lot, Sousceyrac, rugged and proud feudal city during the Middle Ages has preserved the testimony of its past. The old town is ordered around the carrayrat (street wide enough to allow the passage of the teams) delimited by two fortified doors. The houses still keep the old merchant openings in broken arch and the large windows to cross. The modern city focuses on the city tour, the site of the old moats and around the Place des Condamines.

Place des condamines - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy

The circuit crosses streams and wood, intimate components of the landscape of Ségala, essential to the life of its inhabitants.

The woods are one of the essential components of the landscape of Upper Ségala. They cover the slopes of the valleys or are found in small forest blocks on the plateau where dominates a grassy grove whose exploitation is mainly intended for cattle breeding. The modeling of the plateau is gently cut at the beginning of the streams and then digs into deep granitic gorges that run down a water became spirited. Mostly inaccessible by road, the valleys are wild areas, deserted by man.


Hike / Water Adventure 7 km in the Gorges de la Cère. A superb course through a dazzling stream to reach the paradisiacal waterfalls of Lamativie. Picnic at the edge of the waterfalls, a place of stunning beauty with several natural pools fed by waterfalls and sensational water attractions, including a large natural slide breathless !

Other outing
Gare - -Martel
05 65 37 35 81
Les Vieux Chemins d'Auvergne
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Au Pays des Verriers
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Le lac de Vergnes
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Les Haut de Sousceyrac
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Circuit du Cayla
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Cascade du Saut de Vieyre
Hike in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Train à Vapeur de Martel
Other outing in -Martel
Place des condamines - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
08 10 58 75 79
Banque Credit Agricole
Bank in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Post office
21, Place des Condamines - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
La Poste
Post office in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Other administrative service
21, Place des Condamines - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 00 82
Tourist office
13 avenue fançois de Maynard - Saint-Céré
05 65 33 22 00

An interactive terminal is located on the Place des Condamines de Sousceyrac in Quercy

Other administrative service in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Office de Tourisme Saint Cere
Tourist office in Saint-Céré
4, D653 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 04 42


40, D673 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 00 02

Food, tobacco, press

D653 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 01 36

Butcher, cheese, do-it-yourself...

1125 avenue Charles de Gaule - -Saint-Laurent-les-Tours
05 65 38 00 65

Hypermarket, 24-hour service station, washing station

Superette "le Panier Sympa"
Shop in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Superette Proxi
Shop in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Coopérative " la Ferme de Figeac"
Shop in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Hypermarché E Leclerc
Shop in -Saint-Laurent-les-Tours
Petrol station
Lieu dit croix de lissarthe - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 03 96

Garage, petrol station 24h/ 24h, car wash

Garage Sarl Cazard
Petrol station in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Taxi rank
11, D673 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 03 16
Avenue de Tronquières - Aurillac
04 71 64 50 00
05 55 22 40 00
Taxi rank in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Aéroport d'Aurillac
Airport in Aurillac
Aéroport de Brive - Vallée de la Dordogne
Airport in Nespouls
Post offices
Motor services
Calviac - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 02 13

Restaurant open for lunch

1, D673 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 00 56

1 star to the Michelin Guide

Restaurant Chez Fregeac
Restaurant in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Au Déjeuner
Restaurant in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Restaurant Relais Du Musee
Restaurant in Siran
Local contact
13, D673 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 03 16
Local contact in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
4, D653 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 40 38 80
by appointment on +33 5 65 40 38 80
  • from Monday to Friday
  • 08:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:30
emergency number 3966
  • weekend
  • outside weekday hours
D653 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 33 02 68

Pharmacy on duty n ° tel: 3237

11, Avenue du Docteur Roux - Saint-Céré
05 65 10 40 00
2, Allée Pierre Loti - Biars-sur-Cère
05 65 38 69 69

On appointment

Maison Médicale
Doctor in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Chemist in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Centre Hospitalier St-Jacques
Hospital in Saint-Céré
Dentist in Biars-sur-Cère
Le bourg sousceyrac - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
05 65 40 38 80
Fire brigade
35, D673 - Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Police in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Sapeur Pompier
Fire brigade in Sousceyrac-en-Quercy
Impasse Antoine de Saint Exupéry - Saint-Céré
05 65 38 39 22
Docteur Parick Garapin
Vet in Saint-Céré

Emergency Medical Assistance : 15
Police Emergency Service : 17
Fire Brigade : 18
Violences Femmes Info (helpline for female victims of violence) : 3919
European Emergency Service : 112

Local contacts
Public services
for rental
  • State of play between 7am and 10am without reservation. (pick up Christine as soon as you are ready)
For placements
  • departure before 12h
  • remember to defrost the fridge the day before
Time slot

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